Aer Lingus MD-11


This Aircraft has left the Aer Iingus Fleet a couple of years back but I think it would be a very nice addition to the fleet. Aer Lingus had 1 Md-11. I think this aircraft will be a great addition to IF as there are not that many Aer Lingus Livery’s in IF.

Here is a source where you can find Aer Lingus operated 1 MD 11

The slats are so big?

Nice plane for IF, right now I am out of votes

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Oh yes, a big beauty. It was great seeing this fly around before it was transferred to another airline. I can tell you, this livery looked stunning! One of my favourite aircraft Aer Lingus used behind the Boeing 757. I am sad that I couldn’t see this in Infinite Flight, the time MD-11 was released.

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Wow, I didn’t even know EI operated MD-11s! But I’d rather see the EI livery on the A330-300, sorry. My last vote went to that.

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Major airline would add to the MD-11! Nice to fly to JFK!

Aer Lingus (N272WA) MD-11 at Boston, Massachusetts. July 1998. Posted on Twitter.