Aer Lingus KDFW-EIDW

It’s been a while. I haven’t made one of these since last year. So here you are, some photos of me flying from Dallas to Dublin in a 757. Enjoy
(I upped the brightness on a few shots. Other than that I didn’t edit anything else)

Aircraft: Aer Lingus 757-200
Flight time: 8:57
Server: Expert

Loading pax @ DFW

Rotating off of runway 35L

Detroit is about 30 miles yonder. Can’t see it, cause it’s ✨dark✨ mind blown lol

Up above some place in Canada that I can’t pronounce (Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent if you really wanted to know)

Just off the Irish coast. Not long until landing now

About 10 minutes away

Moments before an admittedly bumpy landing

Disembarking via L1

Thank yer for flying Aer Lingus (read that with an Irish accent, please and thank you 😁)

Ok bye for now 👋🏻 see u later


Well done bro ! ☘️