Aer Lingus IRFU ‘Green Sprirt’ A320-214


Photo creds: EI-DEI is an Airbus A320 which flies for Aer Lingus but also flies the Irish Rugby team. I would love this liverty to come to Ifinite Flight as the would cup starts in September and we are in the middle of the six nations. I am part of Aer Lingus Virtual. Also I think this would make a great addition to the A320 family. I would love to see this come with the hopefully upcoming Aer Lingus A330 and B757. I know there is an original thread however that is a couple years old and would love to get this on to the Delevepors radar.


also an image and information would be quite nice


ok cool now you’re all set i hope your feature gets added on to IF


I really do like the Irish rugby livery. It is pretty much one of the few liveries that support a sports team. I’m irish myself too, i flew it once.