Aer Lingus Future Fliers Application

Hey guys, I hope you’re all well.

I’ve recently applied to join Aer Lingus’ Future Fliers Programme, and the next stage of the process (should I be accepted) is to sit a number of online psychometric tests.

As I am aware from applications to other employers, each one likes to use different types of tests.

My question therefore is whether anyone has any idea of what types of tests and questions I will likely face? I’m aware that there’ll be a number of ones concerning mental arithmetic and language skills - but has anyone previously applied to any other airlines and faced a similar thing? Any specific examples or tips in general would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!


I did this last time it opened for the fun of it, even though I was at uni. There are all sorts of things, but as an example, below are two of the more fun ones.

Example A

You have a screen split into three rectangles. Taking up most of the space is one large rectangle. To the right is another 2 smaller rectangles, one placed upon the other.

On the larger rectangle, you have mock aircraft coming in from the left. They are all at different vertical levels. You then have, on the right of the large rectangle, a mock runway. You have to move this runway to ‘catch’ all the incoming aircraft.

Whilst doing this, you then have the two smaller screens.

The first is a set of numbers on the top smaller screen. You simply have to add them up and type the number in. They change every 15 seconds or so, or if you input an answer, correct or not.

On the second smaller screen, you are given a row of letters. All you have to do is type in the letter, or two, that is repeated in the sequence.

Example B

This one is a much more simple concept. It’s essentially just small maths questions ranging from addition to basic conversion. About the hardest it gets is finding out the volume of 1/3 of a cylinder, however this has multiple steps, and if you don’t know one equation you can’t do it.

All of it should be mental maths. They don’t give you enough time to look anything up if you don’t know it.


Overall, you just need to practice general aptitude and psychometric tests online. I have a lot I can link you to if you want. The maths itself is all applied maths, so nothing such as algebra.

For the maths, learn:

  • Times tables
  • Basic equations for volumes, circumferences and so forth
  • Conversions
  • Any other applied maths you may find useful

Fantastic - thanks so much for this @MishaCamp; great help and insight!


No worries. I can shoot you over a few things in PM if you want?


If you have any more tips and tricks that would be great - thanks so much for your help!

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Are u training to be a Aer Lingus cadet

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@Frank_Cullimore Not quite just yet! Just applied to begin their training programme in September - need to pass their preliminary stages!

Nice I’m in Atlantic flight training academy in cork I’m training to be a Ryanair cadet.

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