Aer Lingus flyout! @EIDW 212100ZFEB20

Give me Gate 408C please!

Sure! See you there!

So is that a yes 🤔

Yes! 🤗 You can see your assignment up above!

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I’ll take that!

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Thanks! I’ll sign you up, see you there!

I’ll take this gate please 😀✈️

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I’ll take this please 🤗

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@AviatorJack @Ryan_Gibb you’re both signed up! See you there! 🇮🇪

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I’ll take T2 Gate 400C to Dubai. Thank you))

May I please have gate 403L

@CptCalvin437 @Bongani_Nkosi the gates are yours, see you there!


I’ll take the beautiful A359 to Toronto, please!

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Such a beauty! Both aircraft and destination. You’re signed up, see you there!

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Sign me up pls

Sure! See you there! 😀

Ik its unrealistic but can i take A319 instead?

Can I get the terminal 2 Norwegian to olso

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That annoys me beyond belief…

Realism, is number 1 priority. 😂

There’s an A318…? Or I just out it down as A318 and you do what you want 😂

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Sure! I’ll sign you up.