Aer Lingus flyout! @EIDW 212100ZFEB20

Attendees: Event has finished! Expect more in the future!

A350 Event!

We are having another one of these series of events basing off the A350! We’ll be making events regarding all the available liveries of the A350, and building our routes around it!

Featured A350: Aer Lingus

Dublin Airport

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Dublin Airport is an international airport serving Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. It is operated by DAA. The airport is located 7 km north of Dublin, in Collinstown, near Swords, Dublin. In 2018, over 31.5 million passengers passed through the airport, making it the airport’s busiest year on record. I chose this flyout to highlight and show the routes of Aer Lingus’s new 2019 livery.


This amazing photo shows what Dublin Airport looks like on Christmas Day


Server: Expert

Airport: EIDW

Time: Friday, 21st February 2100z


(This will automatically convert to your timezone)

NOTAMS: A ‘ATIS’ produced by me will be released in a PM or a Slack group (depending on the amount attending), so we all know where to taxi and what to be aware of. Respect ATC/Unicom and use in the correct manner.


Terminal 1 (1## gates)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
107 737-800 Ryanair Brussels EBBR 1:15
107T 737-800 Ryanair Rome Ciampino LIRA 2:30
108L 737-800 Ryanair Manchester EGCC 0:35
108R 737-800 Ryanair Gothenburg ESGG 1:45
109L A320 SAS Stockholm ESSA 2:15
109R 737-800 Ryanair Edinburgh EGPH 0:45
110C 757-200 Icelandair Reykjavik BIKF 2:20
111L 737-800 Ryanair Birmingham EGBB 0:40
111R 737-800 Ryanair Hamburg EDDH 1:35
118R 737-800 Ryanair Barcelona LEBL 1:55
119L 737-800 Ryanair Madrid LEMD 2:10
119R 737-800 Ryanair Milan Bergano LIME 2:00
120L 737-800 Ryanair London Luton EGGW 0:50
120R 737-800 Ryanair Liverpool EGGP 0:35
121 737-800 Ryanair Bristol EGGD 0:45
121L 737-800 Ryanair Glasgow EGPF 0:40
122 737-800 Ryanair Vilnius EYVI 2:40
123 737-800 Ryanair London Stansted EGSS 0:55
124 737-800 Ryanair Copenhagen EKCH 1:50
125 737-800 Ryanair Bari LIBD 2:40
126 737-800 Ryanair London Gatwick EGKK 1:00 @Tsumia
127 737-800 Ryanair Faro LPFR 2:30
130 ATR 72 (Dash 8) Aer Lingus Regional (Generic) Kerry EIKY 0:40
131S ATR 72 (Dash 8) Aer Lingus Regional (Generic) Glasgow EGPF 0:45
132L ATR 72 (Dash 8) Aer Lingus Regional (Generic) Edinburgh EGPH 0:55
133C A320 Aer Lingus Shannon EINN N/A @Lil_Seedy_Boi
Terminal 1 (2## Gates)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
200C A321 British Airways London Heathrow EGLL 1:00 @Sam_Ortiz
201 A320 British Airways London Heathrow EGLL 1:00 @BinaryChess
202 A319 British Airways London Heathrow EGLL 1:00 @James_Digby
203L A320 Vueling Barcelona LEBL 2:10
203R 737-800 Blue Air (Generic) Cluj-Napoca LRCL 2:50
205L A321 Iberia (Express) Madrid LEMD 2:10
205R 737-800 TUI Innsbruck LOWI 2:00 @Ryan_Gibb
206T Dash 8 Flybe Cardiff EGFF 0:40
207T A319 Finnair Helsinki EFHK 2:30
Terminal 1 (3## Gates)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
311L A319/20 Lufthansa Frankfurt EDDF 1:30 @iamfeliks
311R 737-700 KLM Amsterdam EHAM 1:10
312 A320 Air France Paris LFPG 1:10
313L A321 Lufthansa Munich EDDM 2:00
313R A320 Aeroflot Moscow UUEE 3:35
314 A321 Turkish Airlines Istanbul LTFM 3:30
315C 787-8 Ethiopian Brussels > Addis Ababa EBBR > HAAB 1:15 > 6:25
316 777-300ER Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi OMAA 6:55
318L A320 Aer Lingus Paris LFPG 1:15 @USAviation
318R A319 (A220) Swiss Geneva LSGG 1:45
Terminal 2
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
400C 777-300ER Emirates Dubai OMDB 6:50 @CptCalvin437
401L A320 Aer Lingus London Heathrow EGLL 0:55 @Nicholas_Henry
401R A320 Aer Lingus London Heathrow EGLL 0:55 @CaptainHugh
402C A350-900 Aer Lingus Orlando KMCO 9:10 @Pro_FS
403L A321 Aer Lingus New York Newark KEWR 7:30 @Bongani_Nkosi
403R A321 Aer Lingus Windsor Locks KBDL 7:10
404C A330-200 American Airlines (Generic) Philadelphia KPHL 7:25
405T A320/21 Aer Lingus Gran Canaria GCLP 4:05
406C A330-300 Aer Lingus (Generic) Los Angeles KLAX 10:30
407C A350-900 Aer Lingus San Francisco KSFO 10:15 @MrAftonn
408C A350-900 Aer Lingus New York JFK KJFK 7:15 @bouncy_butter
409L A320 Aer Lingus Amsterdam EHAM 1:10 @Gary_Crinnion
409R A320 Aer Lingus Toulouse LFBO 1:45 @Marc_Gallagher
411C A350-900 Aer Lingus Seattle KSEA 9:00 @Eddie_D
412 A320 Aer Lingus London Gatwick EGKK 1:05 @Ecoops123
413 A320 Aer Lingus Zurich LSZH 1:50 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
414 A320 Aer Lingus Rome LIRF 2:35 @Ryan_Irvine
415 A320 Aer Lingus Milan Linate LIML 2:05 @Ben_Murtagh1
416 737-800 Norwegian Oslo ENGM 1:45 @Mr_yellow
417 A320 Aer Lingus Manchester EGCC 0:35 @AviatorJack
418 E190 British Airways London City EGLC 1:10 @Zak_Plant
GA Stands
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
Remote Stands
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
610 737-800 Transavia Paris Orly LFPO 1:25
611C A330-300 Delta New York JFK KJFK 7:15
612C 787-10 United Airlines New York Newark KEWR 7:00
613C A350-900 Aer Lingus Seattle KSEA 9:00 @JK_330
614C A350-900 Aer Lingus Los Angeles KLAX 10:30
615C A350-900 Aer Lingus Toronto CYYZ 7:05 @majhz
616C 787-8 Qatar Airways Doha OTHH 6:30
617C A350-900 Aer Lingus Boston KBOS 6:45 @lhogan106

See you there!

PM me for any VA/VO partnerships. Have to be IFVARB approved.

Aer Lingus VA partnership!

Aer Lingus VA first took flight on July 29, 2019. Since then we have worked hard to build a solid and professional reputation within the Infinite Flight community. Based on our real world equivalent airline, we have built a comprehensive and realistic database of routes, operated in the same seasonal manner. With a detailed, professionally developed, great looking website, soon to include a unique crew centre; Aer Lingus VA takes pride in trying to bring something new and unique to the VA world. Our crew applications are always open, so why not join Aer Lingus VA today!

Aer Lingus VA is a Virtual Airline, and has no connection or affiliation with Aer Lingus or any other real world airline.

I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may receive.

Notice to all Regulars:

This is a wiki. Feel free to edit any spelling mistakes. You are allowed to add users and yourself, but please make sure:

  • It’s in the correct gate
  • You don’t change any attendees signups without their permission to change.
  • Don’t change the event information, or event details other than the attendees.

I’m going to start firing these out soon. I’ve got some events in the process such as Paris (both airports separately), Seoul, Hong Kong (tommorow), Taipei, Detroit, Addis Ababa, Helsinki, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Doha, Bangkok, Hanoi, A SR22 ferry flight (that’s ready for release, I’ve just updated a few airports that are waiting to be published), and a fair few in the Middle East. I’m keeping to the 6 a month limit though lol.

may I have this gate, please! Thank you!

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Gate 411C my good sir!

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I’m afraid it was just taken by the man just above you! I can replace the gate 613C with this flight if you want? Or choosing another gate?

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That is good I will take 613C. Thanks!

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There you go! See you there!

yoink I want this.

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Yoink! You got it! 😂

I made sure to get most Gatwick routes in, you’ll be joining me!

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I will take Gate 406C

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All yours! See you there!

Actually I’ll change it lol wrong gate now.

All updated!

Thank you!

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I’ll take the LAX route but can I use the A330 generic as I think it’s more realistic

Ok. I’ll put you as 612C. The reason I don’t use A330’s is because Aer Lingus are slowly replacing their A330’s with A350’s.

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Unfortunately EI have cancelled their A350 orders and transfered the order to Iberia and they got the A321LRs and XLRs instead :) shame to see Aer Lingus not getting the A350 😔


Ouch. Well A350’s are still available in IF so we can all keep dreaming 😂

Yep the A350 was in development when Aer Lingus transferred the order

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Yeah. I managed to put I think 2 or 3 A321 Atlantic routes in.