Aer Lingus EGLL-EIDW Group Flight - 022355AUG19

I know I’ve said this in the past but EIDW is such an understated airport. We don’t use it and it’s a short hop from the big airport today, Heathrow. I’m hopping in a Shamrock A320 if u wanna join hop on be ready in 5 and spawn at the gates from 532 to 539 all that row I’ll be at 539 let’s copy my flight plan I’m dep at 15 mins past X (X for 1 am or 8 am wherever your at) I’m Aristotle and I’ll be “Shamrock 320” I’m screen recording it and I may send it to Infinite flight Multiplayer if it’s good. Use AerLingus A320 livery only I’ll update you for speed and Alt and stuff.

ALT will be 28,000 speed probably 320 as said just copy my FPL

Wrong category, wrong title.

Fixed them both.

Use #live:groupflights for this matter

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