Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200


Credit : William S.Carrasquillo via

About this livery:

  • This current aircraft is operated by ASL Airlines Ireland and Aer Lingus.
  • It has up to four current aircrafts operating today.
  • It makes Transantlantic Routes to the United States from Ireland everyday.
  • Their home Airports are Shannon and Dublin Airport.

About ASL Airlines Ireland :


  • Dublin to Chicago O’Hare Intl.

  • Dublin to Hartford

  • Dublin to New York JFK

  • Dublin to Newark

  • Dublin to Philadelphia

  • Dublin to Washington-Dulles

  • Dublin to Windsor Locks

  • Dublin to Shannon

  • Shannon to Dublin

  • Shannon to Boston Logan

  • Shannon to New York JFK

Why I would want this livery for Infinite Flight:
In my opinion this is one of the nicest 757 liveries I saw yet. It takes more advantage flying the current routes around America to welcome the Irish country to other airports in the game. Also it’s interesting to fly a Boeing aircraft when Aer Lingus origanally operates their Airbus fleet. It also gives a nice effect on different events when celebrating Ireland. These planes may also cease to exist in the future. I also live next to these airports.

Just the last thing to say : I’d be happy for any positive response for my first features topic. I am aware of any duplicate topic so I’ve searched and asked the moderator before making a new one. I will also flag the older topic. I would be happy for any update and hope the best for its future, also hoping to add the new livery. 🙂☘️

[8 ATTENDING MOVED TO SUNDAY!] St. Patricks Day Flyout! Fun at Shannon! @EINN 171810ZMAR19

I have asked @Levet to examine the current topic. I have that in mind that it is a duplicate.


Looks good I would like to have it in IF! but unfortunately I am out of votes:(



I love seeing these come into BDL. It’ll be cool when they send their A321LR but at the same time we won’t see the 757 or the previous livery anymore. :(


Yeah I’ve heard that they are ordering the new A321’s…


Only 1 picture per request please. :)


So shall I remove the other ones?


Yes. Keep the one that you want and remove the other 2. :)


The livery looks good


Edited screenshot of the Aircraft Selection List.

Edited screenshot of the Aerlingus 757 departing Boston Logan Intl…


Old one is closed now, good luck :)


I also do not think that this is an ordinary flight. It may just be a delivery to continue ongoing routes from a different airport. In fact, there could be no passengers attending it.


Man you are amazing… 😁


you can’t miss that bright green.


Thank you! :)


No problem! Keep up the great work! 😁👏


Or maybe this livery sometime? 👀
Cough* 19.1 or any future update 😄


Now here is today, when 19.1 rolled out. I have totally expected that… This livery will be added some time. Here is a suggestion to any Boeing 757 or Aer Lingus fans. 😉👌