Aer Lingus Airbus A350-900 - Will we see this plane in the Irish Fleet anytime soon?

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I am back with a thread, that might interest you in some way after the addition of the Airbus A350 into Infinite Flight. Now, you may have noticed the Aer Lingus livery in the first glance. You may wonder, why and will they ever receive the Airbus A350’s?

Good question. Firstly, according Airbus, there are orders remaining. After a period of Months, the fleet number has slightly changed.

July 8th, 2015, the Airbus A350XWB arrives into Dublin for the very first time.

Since 2015, this aircraft is considered one of the most efficient and the most modern commercial aircraft in use today. An Airbus A350 (F-WWYB) landed on Dublin’s runway 28 shortly after 0900 hours as the AIB901 and proceeded to the hangar area. The whole meeting of the Airbus A350 preview was hosted by AerCap (Chairman, CEO of AerCap, Aengus Kelly, Aer Lingus CEO Stephen Kavanagh, Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe TD, Martin Shanahan, CEO at IDA Ireland) located in DAA’s Hangar 6.

This was a discussed business meeting, a preview of the Airbus A350. It was towed into Hangar 6 and partially screened off on the starboard side, where a press area, had been created. After the speeches and the press interviews, a walkthrough of the aircraft was afforded to the assembled guests and staff of AerCap and Airbus Finance, in a number of groups. This allowed them to have their first close look at the interior. The hall was filled with visitors, inspectors, businessmen, Airbus staff and Cabin Crew. A test flight was flown across Ireland for an hour or two. The Cabin Crew had the opportunity to test the cabin features and seating.

The A350 XWB brings new levels of in-flight comfort, with an extra-wide cabin offering more personal space in all classes, including 18” (457 mm) wide seats in a nine abreast layout as standard in economy class, which are extremely comfortable from the passengers point of view. For premium classes, airlines can install the most comfortable lie-flat seats in their own optimised layouts. They were able to sample what Airbus again describe, as the latest in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems. The quiet cabin also features wide panoramic windows and large overhead stowage compartments, as well as the latest draught-free air conditioning system with precision temperature control.

Click here for a more detailed preview of the meeting, July 2015, Flyinginireland ———>

Aer Lingus has became one of the first and the largest customers of the A350 with up to nine aircraft in order to be delivered in 2018.

What happens next?

April 2019, IAG transfers Aer Lingus A350 orders to iBeria.

Aer Lingus signed a purchase agreement with Airbus in 2007 for 12 long haul aircraft comprising of six A350-900’s and six A330-300’s. Three A330’s were swapped to A350’s and were originally due for delivery in 2014 but the deliveries were deferred. After an introduction to the Airbus A321LR, Aer Lingus has considered leaving the Long Haul fleet expansion to a later date. Four of these nine A350’s have now been transferred by parent IAG to Iberia leaving Aer Lingus with five of the type on order.

Conclusion, and Aer Lingus Future Fleet Expansion Plan in 2023.

At the moment, we won’t know when will the remaining five orders take place for delivery. After 2019’s Paris Airshow, Aer Lingus ordered many Airbus A321XLR’s and additional A330 in preparation for 2023 fleet expansion. The A321LR will help “insulate” the airline against rising fuel costs, and points out that it will also support utilisation by being able to fly onwards to European destinations via Dublin after completing a transatlantic crossing. The A321LR will replace it’s ageing Boeing 757 fleet. Which is why the A350 is currently out of interests at the moment. It’s basically more profitable.

My opinion?

I believe ordering the Airbus A321XLR’s is a more smarter way of efficiency and cheaper fuel costs, than the massive A350’s. At the moment I understand that the DAA wont be able to fit more aircrafts in the Gates and fit additional cabin crew. As of now, it’s sad to see the Boeing 757 removed in the next year, and we will expect the A321LR and A330’s for the next year. Aer Lingus has no interest of increasing routes because there is no demand for an expansion.

A Preview of the Aer Lingus livery on the Airbus A350 in Infinite Flight.

Website sources: Simple Flying 04/19, Airbus 07/15, Flight Global 11/18, Flying in Ireland.


Thank you for this very detailed and interesting post!

I think the A350 will be a great replacement for the A330s once the time comes and should be kept on order. It will fit the fleet for routes such as the West Coast of the US and will certainly be a great addition for Aer Lingus.


In the future I hope. 😏


Great article it was a great read!


Quite sad the real EO-ORD didn’t get added though. I really hope Aer Lingus do receive A350s would be a pleasure to fly on.

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I think I will be joining Aer Lingus virtual soon…

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great read that was @Kuba_Jaroszczyk really answered questions i had about us getting the A350 in real life. thanks buddy

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Awesome post!

Do you think Aer Lingus’ A350 could be used to launch Asian destinations? Asian tourism (especially Chinese) in Europe has increased dramatically in the past few years. Just recently, Juneyao Air announced service from Shanghai to Dublin (stop in Helsinki), Cathay Pacific launched Hong Kong a few years ago (Now suspended due to other reasons).

Though, I think Hainan recently ended its Shenzhen/Beijing service.

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This route was partially suspended until March 2020 to end the Winter Season. At the moment I have no idea if Aer Lingus will ever launch Asian Destinations anytime soon.

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