Aer Lingus Airbus A320 (Retro Livery)

The Historical look for Aer Lingus! 🇮🇪 (Retro Livery)

An awarding picture taken by HGabor, as the aircraft approaches Amsterdam Schiphol in wintery conditions. Take a look here for a larger picture in Jetphotos.

About the livery.

  • This livery marks the 75th Anniversary of the first Aer Lingus flight taking place in May 1936 from Baldonel Casement to Bristol. The first aircraft which carried five passengers, was operated by a six-seater De Havilland 84 Dragon named ‘Iolar’, which means ‘eagle’ in Irish. 🦅
  • The registration of this aircraft is EI-DVM.

  • This Aircraft was brand new that has been delivered in 2011, including a celebration ceremony. This is an only aircraft with this livery and it is unknown will the livery exist for a long period of time.

  • It is recognised as a Vintage or “Retro” painted, Black & White version of the current Aer Lingus A320.

  • Aer Lingus is an International and an official Irish Airline that transports passengers into Europe and Trans-Atlantic to the United States, and Canada everyday.

  • The Official Airline’s hub and its focus is Dublin Airport. Other Airports include Shannon, Cork, Kerry and Knock Ireland Airport West. (For the Airbus A320)

For More Information About the Livery (EI-DVM):

If you want to know more about Aer Lingus:

Why Would I LOVE to see this livery in Infinite Flight?

Of course, we all know we would like to see more Retro liveries. They represent the events and the history of one airline. Anyways, I’d want to see a livery increase for the Irish people and for sure some people are interested in historical liveries, like this one of course. I have seen this livery plenty of times after travelling through Dublin, in fact, I have flown on it to Paris at my young age! (I didn’t like this livery when I was small.) ☺️

Still, I feel that this livery is important, as it marks its 75th year anniversary for my favourite airline, celebrating in a fashionable way! A long way has passed for Aer Lingus and it would be nice to fly around with it in Infinite Flight. We currently have the SAS Retro livery so this would fit for a new look for us also. A group of 5 Flight including one livery like this will look awesome to see in EIDW.

Aer Lingus VA and Infinite Flight V.19.3, including A320 cockpit working isn’t too far away from us so I would be certainly happy to see it in the aircraft list. BUT, I won’t be expecting to see this livery in the next update.

Sorry if you have scrolled and read this far, I hope you have a lucky day! ☘️

Thanks to @MishaCamp, he closed the older topic for me due to inactivity for the two years and not a single vote has been used.


That is a nice livery. Awesome feature request as well. 😃


Nice retro livery.🤗
I hope the Air France and Aer Lingus Metro livery will come in the next update. :)


This has gotten my vote! 🍀🇮🇪✈😀

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Thanks! A vote makes a difference. An obvious vote too!

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It would look really nice in IF hopefully we see it in the future!


Yep, more Retro liveries!

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I don’t know why, but I think there is a special rule of the #features category.
This rule is:

If a #features topic has more than 5-10 votes, it will be add to Infinite Flight. ;)

That would be cool if it was true :(


That is actually just about the opposite. Votes mean almost nothing to the developers. It just tells them how much the IFC desires that specific feature. ;)


It’s will be cool to see all Aer Lingus’s liveries in Infinite Flight.🙂


While EIVA will be creating events soon, this livery would be awesome to have in a group of all the other Aer Lingus liveries out there.

I would love to see this livery along with the current two we have. Who knows how long will the livery remain. We currently have one A319 SAS Retro Livery so it would be nice for us to have one for us too!

This aircraft landed in my home airport recently, would love to fly this route with this livery!

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As SAS is the only retro livery that is presented in Infinite Flight, it would be nice to have the Are Lingus and the Air France one!
You have my support.👍
But out of votes, sorry.

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Would love to see this in game

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That is true, the only retro liveries for the Airbus A320 family at the moment.

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EI-DVM has unfortunately arrived to Shannon Airport to get repainted. Very sad to see this livery change. This aircraft will be repainted to the new EI livery. RIP 😭


Yep it’s a huge disappointment to see such an iconic livery leave the Aer lingus fleet 😔😥

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