Aer Lingus a359

So Aer Lingus purchased 4 a359’s but quickly sold them to IAG I believe, and they consistently fly the A333 or 332 along with the 321n across the pond.

I am requesting the a359 livery of Aer Lingus to be removed and placed on a a332 frame or a333 frame. That would be more realistic.

I am not suggesting to remove the Livery, but switching the livery to the current planes in their fleet. The A359 is not in their fleet, but the 330 is.

Nice Shout out, But personaly I don’t think IF would remove the Livery for other reasons + I really love the Air Lingus Livery and it would be a shame for it to leave IF :(

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I don’t think the devs are going to remove a livery. You can vote for the A332 here though:

Unfortunately, there are no plans to add the A330-300, because we do not currently have the correct engines modeled. Unless the A330 gets a full rework, we most likely won’t be getting the Aer Lingus livery on the A333.

Why not keep the livery on the a350 and add it to the 330 😍. You can search for the feature request in #features

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Thats a good idea but most likely not gonna happen. A lot of people like that livery and if they worked hard on it they dont want to take it out.

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Not suggesting it to leave IF. But Lingus does not have 359’s in their fleet. So switching tthe livery to the 333 or 332 would be more realistic based on real world fleet inventory.

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See above, please. :)

Ok, so add it to the 332.

… we don’t even have an A332.

Also, I don’t think you have to open a #features for it.

You can discuss that at #general … but not here.
This painting is also beautiful. If you want to go after realism then vote for it.

Airbus A330-200

Thank you

I think this can be closed

Why not just vote to get the A330 to have the livery instead of taking the A350 one down

Aer Lingus has an A332 and A333.

because the 359 is not in their fleet.

Yes but the game doesn’t have the A332, that was his point

Great, what I am saying is Lingus flies the 333 so it should be added to the 333 and not on the 359. If we are going with realism here.


Infinite Flight won’t remove liveries, Aer Lingus ordered A350’s but transferred them to Iberia. They are still kept in game though, and the majority of us want it to stay. A link has been provided above which you can vote for if you want to keep realism at most.

Also a simple ‘copy and paste’ onto the A330 ‘frame’ is nowhere near how it works 🙃

I don’t know why this discussion has continued to this extent. The two links for the feasible part of the request are below, this is your part to get this request up and running.

There currently is not an active A330-300 request thread.


I am currently flying the Air Lingus A350 and like it, as said many times above. Developers don’t remove livery :)

Yes, I know that the copy and paste is not relevant and not how it works. I know there are man hours that go into the design of of every livery and the extent of it. Funny how we all strive to make the game more realistic, but when the actual concept of doing so arises, it’s shot down with the naysayers. Why do things realistically when we have virtual airlines which typically aim to keep it real.


They only remove if you think it is right. In addition, some are replaced by new ones