Aer Lingus A330


they aren’t going to change engines tough They have a deal with GE and CFM engines in there fleet :(


Well it’s bye bye Aer Lingus 330 then


And hello Air Canada Superhero livery ;)


Don’t be smug we’re depressed haha


Yeah I’m really depressed the main reason I was hype for this update is for a possible Aerlingus livery well someday it will come ☹️


Yeah man exact same been wanting it for years. It’s iconic. The added it on the A321 and the A320. Just needed the 330 to complete the fleet but it never came


Yeah was hoping to be flying the Aerlingus livery would of been great


Who wouldn’t want it?


Flying away from us


I’m not a huge fan of the A320 in the game but when they released the Aerlingus livery I was really happy and started flying that livery alot. Was hoping the same thing would happen this time around. I remember saying if the livery ever came out for the A330 all I would be flying is Aerlingus unfortunately not for while


Well let’s keep our head high I know it may be upsetting seeing everyone brag about their liveries getting added but one day it will come… one day 😕✌️


Stuck flying unmarked livery to JFK for the next while again. It’s a let down. Imagine it was added


Maybe. But you always hear people being like “vote for it in features” and I’m like I have but it doesn’t make a difference let’s be honest for a livery barely anyone cares about and only has 24 votes


Yeah it really is the moment I saw the Aerlingus livery wasn’t added my heart broke down. Not really a huge fan of flying generic but I will probably just continue flying the delta A330 for a flight to EIDW


Yeah votes aren’t really the most helpful features I get liveries implemented in the game I guess just trying to get our voice heard is the main key


I know but what is the difference? The engine is bigger? Emirates, say for example used the GE90 for the 777… While BA uses the Rolle Royce for theirs… On the same list


Let’s remember time constraits here, we are lucky to get any liveries at all if you think about it as it’s not a full rework.


I’m just trying to understand logic here


I didn’t realize that now I do have to say that doesn’t make sense


Don’t delete this, they need to hear it :)