Aer Lingus A330


Lucky aeroplane @Xpheros


If the a330 gets a rework and this livery gets added you can catch me doing DUB-JFK and JFK-DUB all day


Hopefully this comes when the a330 gets a rework


Well… Hopefully this gets added even before a Rework 😉


You got my vote! I flew this like 5 years back, when the IFE was state of the art :)


This would be a great addition!


Out of liveries but a beautiful livery!


I think it is a great livery to add to the A330.


Just going to bump ☘️


I’ve always wanted to see this livery make its way to IF! It would open so many new route opportunities.


Would love to see the A333 on IF. As an Irish Subscriber to IF and having flown with Aer Lingus for years it would be great to have it on IF for long haul routes to SFO and LAX


Bump, If the A330 was to get some new liveries, this is one livery that needs to be included


It would be good if there been an A330 Aer Lingus


Oh yes, we need this


Ahem. The older livery would be great to see I’m hoping! Everyone’s hyped too!


Yeah I’m really hoping this livery gets added it will be the only airline and aircraft I would fly in this game


My favourite livery to be ever intoducued to the long haul Irish fleet. This livery is my favourite and should be added since Global came out!
🤩 🇮🇪 ☘️


Going to have to wait a long time now since it wasn’t released with the A330 update :/


Sadly since the 19.1 came, it would be perfect to see this livery just when Saint Patrick’s day is right above us, and as this update also includes features for the A330. I am truly sad, but we’ll have to stand up and wait for the next following months of 2019 to ‘maybe’ see one push in. We were waiting here since 2017 for this current livery. 😉


Here’s an answer for you all wanting this livery image