Aer Lingus A330


I think that the Aer Lingus A330 would be a great addition to IF. I think it will be a great addition for the global update soon to be released. It will be a great plane to use on Long-Haul flights such as LAX-DUB or JFK-DUB. I took this photo when I was flying out of LAX. I have always loved Aer Lingus and love their livery.

About Aer Lingus- Aer Lingus is an Irish airline and the flag carrier of Ireland. It was founded April 15 1936. The name Aer Lingus means “air fleet”. In 1994 they started direct flights to the US. Aer Lingus has two main planes that fly from Dublin to the United States, they are the Boeing 757 and the Airbus A330. Other of their more “Short haul” planes include; A321,A320,and the ATR.

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Aer Lingus A330
Are lingus Liveries

Im all for this! Vote #1! :)

Dont forget to vote for your own request.


I’m out of vote for today… oops


Nicely written request. I’ll make sure to vote when one of my votes opens up.


What type of A330? Do you want the -200 or the -300 added? I prefer the -200 because I am biased to the types of aircraft I have ridden on…


They have more A330-300’s so it makes sense to add that plus it’s the one we have on Infinite Flight


True…oh well the -200 lives on…


I’m just going to tag @Darragh_ODonoghue and be on my way…

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You did the right thing lol. Voted. @oscar_mur @personmajig what do you guys think?


Voted for it now. Good idea


Transatlantic flights with this would be amazing! You have my vote ;)


tbh… From your arguing… I dont care what variant it gets added under.

I just would like for it to be added. :)


I’m 100% down to have this livery! :D


As well as the A332 (A330-200)


So glad this is a topic, maybe they could do it with the next update with the MD-11/ DC-10 etc


I would love to see this in IF. Please vote!


Definetly need aer lingus livery on both aircraft a330 and 757


I have voted this :)
DUB-JFK or DUB-YYZ will be my new favourite route if this livery added :)


Mine would be Shannon-Boston 757


This is one of the liveries you need in IF.
Also, a bit of extra information, the first delivery was EI-DUO on the 13th of April 1998, it has been in service nearly 20 years(next year 20 years).