Aer Lingus A330-302 (New 2019 Livery)

Fax. Do you know what any of the other 49 liveries looked like? I’d be interested to know


The issue with the old livery is it looks very retro. While it did stand out it gave off the wrong impression about Aer Lingus. Years ago the livery suited perfectly however times change and with that so does fashion, trends, cars, designs, houses and aircraft liveries. It was a very outdated livery and while it looked amazing it didn’t suit the Airline’s business model. The livery says a lot about an airline.

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The only “realistic” concept livery I’ve seen is this ⤵️ Not a lot of information was made public regarding the other design choices. Nearly all problems with designing the new livery came from what design the shamrock should be ☘️


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