Aer Lingus A330-302 (New 2019 Livery)

Fax. Do you know what any of the other 49 liveries looked like? I’d be interested to know


The issue with the old livery is it looks very retro. While it did stand out it gave off the wrong impression about Aer Lingus. Years ago the livery suited perfectly however times change and with that so does fashion, trends, cars, designs, houses and aircraft liveries. It was a very outdated livery and while it looked amazing it didn’t suit the Airline’s business model. The livery says a lot about an airline.

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The only “realistic” concept livery I’ve seen is this ⤵️ Not a lot of information was made public regarding the other design choices. Nearly all problems with designing the new livery came from what design the shamrock should be ☘️


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Does anyone know if Aer Lingus has plans to open more routes to Asia? I recently heard rumors of a Dublin to Tokyo direct flight once the new runway opens.

To be honest, I think Asian routes from Aer Lingus are very unlikely to happen. Their business focus is the North American market, branding themselves as the airline that connects Europe to North America via Ireland - something that is helped massively by US Pre-Border clearence in Shannon and Dublin.

There’s a chance the odd Dublin to Tokyo flight could happen during the Olympics, it’s quite a big bit of demand they probably won’t want to miss.

Obviously, everything I’ve said is just my personal opinion and thoughts on things. I, personally, haven’t heard anything about Dublin to Tokyo flights. :)

@JenJ - sorry, I pressed the wrong reply button.

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I don’t believe so no. I’d say it would have eventually happened if Aer Lingus had received the A350s IAG had promised them but as you probably know Iberia were given them instead even though Aer Lingus is a more profitable airline. But since they didn’t receive these aircraft no I doubt it will happen for a long while at least

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In terms of Japan by itself, I don’t think there are any plans to open a direct route from Dublin; the reason being that the demand is just not there (especially these days). There really aren’t that many Japanese people that live in Ireland and also there are relatively few people going there from Ireland to visit although there would be a huge influx of both if they opened the route.

The length of the runway in Dublin also plays a part in such a route. I’ll include a link to a video by Real Engineering about designing runways.

In terms of direct flights from Ireland to Asia in general, Cathay Pacific flies their A350s to Dublin and also Hainan Airlines flies their 787s here. I can definitely picture more airlines wanting to come down to Ireland from places like China and Philippines since there are a good few Chinese people living in Ireland.

Having read this though, I might just give EIDW-RJTT a go.

Perhaps ANA or JAL could start the routes although I doubt they would; knowing how the Japanese do business.

Yeah I really love Dublin airport, but the fact that the runway is really short sucks. Thanks for the link to the YouTube video as well. I think it gives good perspective as to how runways are planned and built.

Little bump! Hopefully we see some progress on the A330 soon ☘️

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First of all, great idea, second. How do I make a vote of my own? Because I have a few ideas that might be good additions

You can make a features request topic on the main IFC Home Screen using the “new topic” button, however you must be Trust Level 2 (idk if you are) to do so 👍

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Ok, thank you!

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No problem :)

I should also mention the features category rules which I have linked Here but other then that, create away :)

Another bump for the Shamrock ☘

86 votes. That’s a shout.

Another bump for this stunner of a livery, nearly at 100 votes aswell ✈☘

Nearly 100 really want to fly across the pond and sometimes to Malaga on this bird ☘️🇮🇪


Can we get this to 100 votes? I’m sure the lads at EIVA can do something about it.