Aer Lingus A330-302 (New 2019 Livery)


l think it is clear and not bad.


It it very clean, which what I kind of like about it.


Yeah,l think it is clean . For the color is clean too.


Very nice. I like it.


A nice modern look to it


I’m really against this livery as an Irish person. The old livery was an ambassador for Ireland and I used to be proud to see abroad in different airports. It’s lost all its irishness. If you saw it you instantly knew it was Aer Lingus. It was a livery worth having a daydream stare at and it made the sky colourful. Now it blends in with the cloud and looks like EVERY other livery out there. Avianca, Air India, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss, the list goes on. Sad day for Irish Aviation. Nothing worth staring at anymore

If there is an A330 Rework and Aer Lingus is added, I really hope they add both liveries for some diversity


Your opinion is totally fine, I can see where you’re coming from.


I actually don’t mind the livery on the A320 but on the bigger scale A330, it’s just too much white


I can also agree with you there too. I just think the A330 one looks clean and modern if you know what I’m saying.


Yeah I understand that and they wanted to modernise the brand and all that. But if you’re going to refresh your company at least make it colourful


Something like this would’ve been perfect


They do have it on the A320


They have it on the A320


I feel like this would be a bit too much in your face with all the colors.


I know they have it as the Irish Rugby team livery. I don’t mean that specific livery but something along the lines of that


I can agree with you but crying out for something with a bit more colour if you get me?


Yea other than just an all white livery. I see what you’re saying.


I know, I was replying to the guy who put the A320 picture on here


OK. Random text


IF should add the aer lingus old and new livery to the A320 and A321