Aer Lingus A330-302 (New 2019 Livery)

Little bump! Hopefully we see some progress on the A330 soon ☘️

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First of all, great idea, second. How do I make a vote of my own? Because I have a few ideas that might be good additions

You can make a features request topic on the main IFC Home Screen using the “new topic” button, however you must be Trust Level 2 (idk if you are) to do so 👍

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Ok, thank you!

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No problem :)

I should also mention the features category rules which I have linked Here but other then that, create away :)

Another bump for the Shamrock ☘

86 votes. That’s a shout.

Another bump for this stunner of a livery, nearly at 100 votes aswell ✈☘

Nearly 100 really want to fly across the pond and sometimes to Malaga on this bird ☘️🇮🇪


Can we get this to 100 votes? I’m sure the lads at EIVA can do something about it.

In my opinion, it’s unlikely that this livery wouldn’t get through

I can assure you that most of our members already have our votes placed on this beauty ☘✈

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Hopefully we can see the Shamrock on these winglets soon…


Let’s goooooooo

Another wee bump ☘✈

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Looks like we lost a vote from that lmao 😂


Just another wee bump. We have the 757, and now this would be a massive addition to the Aer Lingus transatlantic fleet! 🍀🇮🇪


Agreed @Patrick_McCormack !


Loads of A330 votes after that tweet. Now’s the time to bring this up to 100 votes.

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