Aer Lingus A330-200

So when do you think we’ll have it?

Unsure. The development of the Airbus A330 will start hopefully somewhere next year. (after the A350 and B777 finishes). But this is pure speculation.

But isn’t the A330 already in IF

The A330-300 is in IF but not the -200 version which I think is what most of the Aer Lingus A330s are

What about the 757

To be honest with you we will probably be getting the a330 and 757 Aer Lingus livery late 2020 when the devs finally decide to rework those aircraft.

I’m utilizing the addition of 5 more votes for regulars to vote for this! There are so many times where I’ve wanted to use this livery!

I’d love to see this livery so much. I am trying to create a Photoshop for this, hopefully i’ll have it finished after a long time.


Once again we are forced to use the Generic livery on Aer lingus’s Transatlantic Routes due to no livery on the A330. This livery is long overdue and was surprised to not see it in the recent A330 Soft rework. Really hoping it comes soon with the help of your votes 🍀✈


I really hope they add this beautiful bird it would mean so much to me and EIVA

Got my voted, really need this livery for Aer Lingus in IF as its there long haul aircraft. This is there main transatlantic aircraft now due to the 757 been retired and orders slowly coming in the for new A321

But couldent they just say its RR on IF?

Anyway how dare they have an EI a350(which may i remind u, dosent exist) but not an a330?!?!?!?!?! (No disrespect to the devs)
Anyway i voted :)

Aer Lingus did order Airbus A350-900s, but they were then transferred to Iberia. By the time the orders existed, the 3D Artists could’ve added the livery while the IF A350-900 was in development.

The A330 had a soft rework last March (I believe) and they did not add more engine types, unfortunately. What could happen in the future though is that the developers may rework the cockpit, and add the missing engine types and liveries.

Or else a full ground up rework, as this topic is for the A330-200.

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That’s EI-ELA a -300. The only -200’s they have are -LAX, -DAA, -DUO and a leased one from Qatar which is -GEY

We don’t see the -200’s here in BOS much if at all. Randomly on occasion.

IF most definitely needs to add the -200 model!

Bumping this. If the rumors are true then hopefully the A330-200 can be added also with this livery included!


Just voted for this hope to see the new livery come as well!


Just a wee bump for if we see this beautiful aircraft in future. Would be an excellent livery to have.

Do you prefer the -200 one or the -300 one ? @Patrick_McCormack

Both I like the same, all considering they have the beautiful Aer Lingus livery on them.

sorry for the no content bump

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