Aer Lingus A330-200

Credits To Ronald J Stella for this amazing shot. Picture located in Boston Logan.

Comment: “We’ve seen a ton of photos of aircraft landing over the beach at SXM, no many I don’t believe of landing over the beach at BOS.”


I am about to fly an EIVA Route to CYYZ (Toronto) this morning. This livery is missing and set up this awesome wallpaper on my iPad because of this beauty.


Pure Beauty.

As of the beauty this will also be a historic “retro” looking livery form the 90’s. I love both new and old livery. I believe this should be added first before the new one. 👍

I’d love this livery to be on infinite it’s prestige 👊🏻👍🏻👌🏻🍀

Would be a dream to have this in IF especially for EIVA

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Got my vote ☘️


Not only us EIVA people would love to see this livery: ☘️

According to Live flight, there are people like him, that finishes an ultra-long haul flight from the US. We are waiting. 🙏


I believe I saw that flight yesterday while flying across the US. I also just noticed that @Bray has his own city in that picture


@Key What’s that? lol

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Ohhh, I see now lol. Yes, I see my own city lmao


I was waiting for you to figure it out! Back onto topic, The Aer Lingus A330 is such a beautiful aircraft, and I think it has potential in IF.

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Funny it takes 17 hours to read 13 words on a map 🤔😜.

Try to keep this on topic, or a PM 😉

@Key @Bray

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Yes, my bad, was just a bit confused why I got tagged lol.

Back on topic :)


This is a must add livery. I have done nearly the whole Aer lingus Transatlantic route network with the generic livery and right now as we speak I am flying from JFK to Dublin but it just doesn’t have the sense of realism without the livery. Hopefully one day our voices will be heard 🍀


One more vote before the big 50! Support the green, I will be flying the Generic livery transatlantic next week. Can’t wait to see what will the future show us! ☘️


I’ve been flying on this beauty into Dublin every summer and the crew are extremely nice and the pilots are very professional. Always makes me feel like I’m at home.If this plane gets added it would probably be the only airline I would fly.

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Well I’m proud to be the 50th person in vote for this livery and the 20th voter of the new livery in the A333. A rework for the A330 family is urgent, so as this livery.


Awesome! We have reached a large amount of votes. Since a lot of A330 liveries has popped around the IFC, I believe this needs some attention too. One of the many wanted liveries here! ☘️

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We need this. I’m a second officer for Aer Lingus VA and everyone talks about this it’s a disgrace we don’t already have it (no disrespect to the devs)

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@LukeF4 at this moment the EIVA team will be patiently and preferably waiting for a full rework on the Airbus A330. This aircraft will be on the close line since this has been noted by the staff. Not too long to go!