Aer Lingus A320

Quick hop from Shannon to Dublin during Friday Night Flight in an Aer Lingus A320. Flight time was a little longer than expected due to heavy traffic in the air and on the ground in DUB.

Server: Expert
Flight time: 1:09

Will be pushing back shortly here at gate 25.

Blasting out of Shannon using runway 24.

Cruising on over to Dublin. It was quite bumpy if you ask me!

On a short final for runway 28.

After a lengthy taxi, the baby bus Airbus A320 is parked next to the queen of the skies, an Air France Boeing 747.


Nice screenshots!


My favorite photo. Sad that the Queen got retired, but glad someone is still flying it.Even if it is in a flight sim.

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I love that cockpit view picture! Recently I have been landing in the “First Officer” view to try and challenge myself, it is a lot harder than it looks! The Aer Lingus new livery looks so awesome, definitely one of my favorite A320 liveries in the sim! Great work!


Thank you!!

Yes love their new livery as well!! It doesn’t hurt that green is also my favorite color! Lol

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I unfortunately wasn’t able to ever fly on the 747, but one time in Glasgow (I think) a Virgin crew gave me a tour of their 747 while completing safety checks.

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1 09 from Shannon to Dublin? Wow it must have been busy in my home country.

I’m sure you didn’t mean for it to be but it may be a sign of the Aer Lingus storage planes coming back into service again! 🎉

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Extremely busy!

I hope so!!

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