Aer Lingus A320 'Retro' Livery

Air Lingus A320 ‘Classic’ Livery


Apologies if this has already been requested, I didn’t really know what to search to find it, but did try my best.

Having flown from Dublin airport a few days back, whilst casually stuffing my face with my partner in Burger King I observed out the window this window…What a beauty it is.

My understanding is that this livery was brought out to celebrate a Air Lingus Birthday, id be intrigued to hear if anyone has anymore info?

ANYWAY…Want this beauty in IFC, maybe its time for a classic livery package?.. Like Like Like


Cool. We need more retro liveries overall ;)

An A320 flying from Dubai to Ireland?

Nice livery anyway.

This retro livery is amazing!

I believe this was called the “Retro” livery rather than classic by Aer Lingus, but I’ll let you decide that.

I do like it though.

It looks great. Quite similar to Qantas Retro Roo II.

I really like this livery as we do not have enough retro liveries.

Looks very nice! Will be great to have it in the app.

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