Aer Lingus A320 moon shot

  1. This is a phot of me flying an Airbus A320, with the airline Aer Lingus. This airline my my country’s national airline (Ireland) and it makes me proud to say that I (hopefully) shall fly with the airline, flying (hopefully) their A320s, and A330s. I’ve always been interested in moon shots, so I thought I might as well give it a try.

  2. The flight left Frankfort just as sunset approached, it was a full moon (the 16th of February 2022), so it provided me with a beautiful opportunity! The flight in question was from Frankfort to Dublin with a time of just over 2hours and 10minutes (from takeoff to touchdown (landing)). I arrived at dublin, landing runway 10R, dublin is adding a new runway so that’s why the R is in place, as there will be a 10L. I parked at terminal 2 (or as we say T2) in the night, the flight was beautiful!

3)Here it is! I hope everyone who sees this will enjoy it, it’s still not the best as this is my first moon shot, thank you!


The amount of flight detail is so unnecessary, but I love it lol. Amazing shot!!

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Nice one… captured the anti colls as well - good detail

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Yh idk y I did that, they just said add detail so that’s what I did

Thanks just thought it was a nice pic

But thx anyways

Wonderful shot!

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It’s so good that at one moment it seems like plane is flying towards the moon and at other moment it’s coming towards you !! Brilliant

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