Aer Lingus A320 Green Spirit Livery

Hello fellow IFC members,

As you know Aer Lingus has many different liveries in their fleet ranging from the Retro livery right up until their latest 2019 livery which has already been confirmed (ish) by Misha but their is one livery that was not really brought to attention on the forum is the 2016 Green Spirit Livery.

Why did Aer Lingus add this Livery?

Aer Lingus added this livery in 2016 to celebrate their partnership with Irish Rugby and it’s a stand out livery amongst the old livery. Their is currently two aircraft in EI’s Fleet with this livery (EI-DEI & EI-DEO)

Why do i want this livery in IF?

Well in 2016 I flew on this livery myself on a holiday to the Costa Del Sol. I may not be a rugby fan but I really wanted to fly on this livery. I think it really stands out along with the old livery and I think it will be a great addition to IF should the livery team consider it. It’ll also be more selection of Aer Lingus liveries in IF and that would be nice for people who are not fans of the old livery and the new livery when it eventually comes. I am aware that when the Aer Lingus and Irish rugby partnership ends in the coming years this livery will be phased out but I do think it’ll be a great addition.

Aer Lingus 2016 Green Spirit Livery.

Let me know what you think and please make sure to vote and make this livery be known to the developers

The Spirit of Irish Rugby. 🏉

Would be nice to see liveries representing sports. But that will depend in other people’s opinions.

I have thoughts on this livery before and have flown on it twice! I really like it.

First flight:

Brussels > Dublin

Second flight with the livery:

Dublin > Paris CDG


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Voted! A nice livery to see in the future. Cheer the Rugby Team. 🏉


Yes yes yes. Flown with this livery a few times myself. It’s stunning! Love that it represents Ireland and Irish rugby all over Europe. 🇮🇪☘️


🇳🇿 what a great day that was😂😂
The old BAVA rugby chat


Really hoping this livery gets added soon 😀


Let’s start getting the votes 🗳 up for this livery
One of my favourites. ☘️

YES! This is needed!

This is a beautiful livery while supporting the Irish Rugby team. One of the few A320 liveries I wish to see in Infinite Flight. ☘️

I’ve voted

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Bumping this. Again, would be a fantastic addition and would be very different and interesting to mix things up in European skies!

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