Aer Lingus A320 “A new look, for a new ambition” 2019 Livery

You got my vote @Levet would love to see this livery on board

I think this livery looks great, i think i like it better then the old one got my vote

Love this livery!But I got no more votes, I wish there were EVEN MORE votes that I could use 😂

Beauty. You have my vote

I really want to see this livery in infinite flight.

I like it! It looks very modern. But I think I’m gonna pass…

Bumping this LIVERY! <3 ☘️

Needed this livery it looks good

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I really hope to see this spectacular livery in the next livery update. It’s my favorite livery.

Yeeeeeesssss!!! You could’ve just said the words “Aer Lingus” on their own and I’d still vote anyway! @Levet

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If this livery gets added in IF I would just love to take it to the skys.

I think this livery will be added into Infinite Flight soon. Misha told us in the Oshkosh live stream held by @DeltaVirtual, that this new livery will come. Although I didn’t saw this livery in the stream so it is likely they will add it anytime soon!


That’s fantastic news when is it coming

I hope the rumors are true, this is a great looking plane!

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This livery has been confirmed for the upcoming A320 update!

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If it is true I can’t wait wonder when the update is 🤔
How do you guys know it has been confirmed

It was on DLVA live Instagram stream. And, as you well know, IF don’t give release dates.

I wonder when it will come

I hope this will come along with a bunch of other A320 livery requests. Will make sense and it would be awesome to have more Aer Lingus liveries like this!

This was always going to get my vote 👍 we could really use a new livery on aircraft for EIVA. Personally I haven’t seen it on the A330 but its really nice on the A320