Aer Lingus A320 “A new look, for a new ambition” 2019 Livery

Aer Lingus A320

“A new look, for a new ambition” -Aer Lingus

Hello fellow community members, today I present to you a new livery from Aer Lingus featuring the A320-200. This livery is simple yet refreshing in my opinion; I particularly love the tail section most of all. What do you think about the new font style and shamrock on the tail? The color selections are appealing to me since I have a slight color-blindness (or colour for my friends across the pond). The shamrock gives an impression of movement with the aircraft through the air as well.

EI-CVA pictured below at Dublin Airport [EIDW]

Photo Credits to: images by Martin Tietz/Aeronautics Online

Some things to note!

The Airbus 320 is the most commonly used aircraft in the Aer Lingus fleet. 2019 looks to be an exciting year for Aer Lingus as there are of plans to introduce the A321-LR to their fleet. With this rebrand if you will, members will be receiving new uniforms in the coming months as well according to their website.

Have a look at Aer Lingus’ Twitter for more pictures and details as it seems the A330 has just received this rejuvenating paint scheme too. There is a request for the A330 here in the community, vote for the A330 here: Aer Lingus A330-302 New 2019 Livery.

Thank you for reading and please vote above! -Levet

Nice thread this deserves my vote ☘️


I have to say, while i am not a fan of the livery change, that livery really suits the A320!


Originally I wasn’t sold on the look either but after taking a step back and examining the new font and tail on both the A320 and A330 I was hooked on the scheme.


It looks pretty nice on the A320, but absolutely terrible on the A330.

Voted, Love the look😀

Look, I do not have more votes, but you have my support.

Love the new look from Aer Lingus! This should definitely be added to Infinite Flight!

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I’m really against this livery as an Irish person. The old livery was an ambassador for Ireland and I used to be proud to see abroad in different airports. It’s lost all its irishness. If you saw it you instantly knew it was Aer Lingus. It was a livery worth having a daydream stare at and it made the sky colourful. Now it blends in with the cloud and looks like EVERY other livery out there. Avianca, Air India, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss, the list goes on. Sad day for Irish Aviation. Nothing worth staring at anymore

I actually don’t mind it on the A320 but it’s just too much white on the larger scale A330

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I agree to an extent with the A330. The white is abundant but the livery fits well with the A320. I guess this might be one of those cases where something grows on you with time or never at all. Nice feedback :)

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I prefer the old livery because it was far more aesthetically pleasing and it was truly iconic given most airlines have adopted the style of this new livery, that being said though I would like IF to have the latest Aer Lingus livery because wether I like it or not, this is what their aircraft will look like.

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I would definitely agree with the A330 livery. Although I would wish for some few aircrafts to be left the same livery as before. Just like the retro livery. It looks great with the A320. I hope it’s just the one A330. ☘️

Yeah, on the A320 I like it, however as you said there is too much white on the A330.

It’s not just one. Over a period of 2-3 years they are going to fit all their aircraft (possibly bar the rugby and retro livery) with this new livery

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I admit it fits the A320 nicely


Retro won’t be changed

Yeah I wouldn’t say so

It suits the A320, but as said before, its just not so appealing on the A330. With this ‘New Ambition’, we have to say goodbye to probably the best livery to ever soar the skies. Now, its just as ordinary as the rest. (Qantas, American, Avianca, Lufthansa, and pretty much every other airline where white absolutely dominates the aircraft).

But this request is neatly formatted, so, you have my support!

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Bumping this. Really love this new style in the Airbus A320. As an Irish person I am proud to see this awesome “New Look” on this livery. I would fly this livery very often here in IF.

I really want this livery in IF it would be a fantastic aircraft to have