Aer Lingus 757 Makes Emergency landing at JFK

Aer Lingus flight 110, a Boeing 757 bound for Shannon, Ireland made an emergency landing at New York JFK several minutes after takeoff.

That’s why I saw an Aer Lingus 757 at the end of 22L last night on FR24.

No Aer Lingus planes arrive here late at night and so I was curious whether the morning or evening Dublin arrival was arriving late and was surpised to see it take off from 31L, fly out to the island, make a U-turn at abour Riverhead, then fly back to 22L. Took a rather odd approach in to that runway too.

Thanks for the link.

Just a nitpick, Aer Lingus doesn’t own 757-200s, then wet-lease them from an Irish(?) leasing company.

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Do you happen to live on LI?

Yes, I am in Long Island and planespot JFK semi-regularly

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Nassau or Sufflok?

Air Contractors. That is who they lease 'em off.