Aer lingus 757 livery broken?

Does anyone notice that the stripe on the Aer Lingus 757 has a weird glitch on it by the horizontal stabilizer? Suprised it was overlooked cause its huge. Don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place so if someone could link me to a better topic that would be great


If I’m not mistaken, this is a known issue that has been noted internally by staff.

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i think this should be in #support

Cough cough Uzbekistan, United, China Southern.

Unlike other updates, livery updates can be pushed WITHOUT a formal app store update, simply via an app restart.


No need for it to be there.

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United received completely new engines, winglets, registration

China Southern had the winglets removed as requested

Uzbekistan Airlines had the blue engines added as requested

All after the devs pushed the update.

Basically, the devs do answer requests, listen to the community, take action to fulfill each request. I’m sure it will be fixed very soon so no worries :)


I didn’t know that part, well now my argument is almost invalid which I consider a good thing.


yeah thats what i thought. like the engines and stuff they fixed but broken liveries? no. like the united engines didn’t even need fixing they were realistic but they have a full on broken aer lingus livery

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No worries! Glad I could inform you! Very happy I could inform you haha


Haha thanks!!

Oh I didn’t even see that they changed the engines to blue lol. But Aer Lingus and Cabo Verde still have an issue. I am hoping for them to be fixed soon :)

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Although I’m pretty late, is that not caused by the trim? Although the actual section doesn’t have the livery painted on.

Speaking of trim, isn’t it time we transitioned from % to actual degrees of trim? So we can have more “realistic” flights. Some v-speed calculators online also give stab trim settings so that would be pleasant as well.

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yeah but to do that i have to put my trim at NEGATIVE 100% which is insane and plunges my nose straight down. its absurd and its been like 2 weeks and not a single dev has even responded. like this is actually somewhat of a major bug imo, and they wont do anything it’s irritating

Have you posted in support of your issue? Im not seeing it.

Have you tried to reinstall? I don’t need negative trim so chances are a reboot or even reinstall might solve it.

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ill repost this in support thank you.

As stated above this is actually part of the trim system of the 757. The livery happens to be on the parts of the horizontal stabilizers highlighted below that change with the trim but this does need to be fixed as this section was a dark grey IRL as shown in the second image
Screenshot 2020-12-27 204813
Screenshot 2020-12-27 205150

I also hope they can fix the green stripe across the windows to be darker while they’re fixing this issue.

It is part of the trim system, but it you look at my screenshot there isnt a dark line, the livery stripe itself is slanted down and is pretty obvious

Yeah that’s the part that should be dark gray instead of green. I played with the trim and that section does move. If you put trim to -100% it’ll be aligned, but obv that’s not good for flying.

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