Aer Lingus 757 Colouring Issue

I believe there is another topic covering a glitch in the same livery near the back of the plane at the horizontal stabiliser however this topic is covering a different issue with the Aer Lingus livery on the 757. I have asked about this before along with @Kuba_Jaroszczyk during the beta. We were told the devs had noted this internally and it would be fixed before release. However the issue is still there many days after release. I am aware that it is Christmas and the devs won’t be working right now but I’m just looking for reassurance that the livery will be fixed in January because I feel like it might have been forgotten about.
Here is a screenshot of the in-game livery next to a picture of the livery irl:

Big difference eh? The difference in colour between the main green of the fuselage and the colour of the line along the windows is barely noticeable irl but in IF it stands out like a sore thumb.

In this link if you turn to page 74-75 or look at the picture below you’ll see the official branding of the old Aer Lingus livery. While the picture is showing it on the A330 the livery remains the same on the 757 as the A330.

I believe the developers have used the “Shamrock Green” as described in the document above on the line across the windows as well as for the Shamrock. The colour that should have been used for the line across the windows is the “Mid-Green” as shown in the document above. Not the “Shamrock Green” which should only have been used for the Shamrock itself on the tail, winglets and engines. I hope that this will be fixed in January but all I’m looking for is reassurance that this issue has not been forgotten about. Thanks 🙂


This is a known issue

Totally agree! I dont really feel comfortable flying it until it’s fixed. Here is another issue that may need looking at too…

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This means we’ve noted it and will get to it when able. I can’t say it’ll be in January but our aircraft team will revisit this as soon as practical. Thanks, Ryan!


Okay thanks for clarifying :) I’d say this can probably be closed then. Thanks again 🙏