Aer Lingus 757-200

The Air Lingus 757 is Operated by our aviation partners ASL Boeing 757 aircraft operate a number of Transatlantic routes between Ireland and the East Coast of North America. The Boeing 757 is a single-aisle, medium ranged twin-engine jet airliner with an economy and business class.

creds: Air Lingus

I would like to see this aircraft and would like to enjoy it doing my codeshare flights for BAVA or just using it for fun.

There’s already one. I think that the old one have to close.


I will close the old one as it only has one vote anyhow. Best of luck on your request.

Be sure to vote for your own request too. ;)

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Yes thank you. I checked for any duplicates and none came up for me

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Nice livery to add in Infinite Flight.

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As Aerlingus being my favorite airline I would love to see this in the game and would definitely fly it for my transatlantic flights from Dublin and back

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I’d rather have the A330-200/300 but I’ll take one of these too lol.

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New request posted.