Aer Lingus 747-100


Credit to @LtMerlin but he is not able to post it on #features because he is not TL2


Fixed a typo in your title :)

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Hmmmm I did type Aer, maybe it didn’t load that fast.

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Oh yeah just saw it thank you :)

Aer Lingus never opperated a 747-200 they only had a 747-100 (that is what the picture is of)

I thought they chartered the 747-200?

Well the picture is of a 741 as far as I’m aware.

Aerlingus operated the 747-100, not the 747-200…

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After doing some research there is nothing on the Internet suggesting Aer Lingus ever had a 742. @Natzoo unless you can prove otherwise.

Wow. Love it! Never seen any Aer Lingus long haul.

Aer Lingus ;)

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Oops, never noticed this… :blush:

Looks nice!

Thank good someone is remembering this beauty my dad flew to the US on one in the 80s

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I remember this Aircraft. A massive beauty and a beginning for a huge step for Aer Lingus. This livery is beautiful.

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image very beautiful livery, my Gran Aunt used to fly on it as an air hostes, i dont see why this livery hasnt been added seen as Aer Lingus was one of the launch customers for the 747-100

Well, Infinite Flight doesn’t have the 747-100 yet. But with the 747 rework, we might see the variant.

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I never knew a 747 100 was a thing wow

True i was thinking that when i posted it 😂

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My first ever 747 flight was on one of these 😍