Aer lingus 737-300

Hey guys. Before u have a go at me i wanna adress something, yes i know that they dont use 737s anymore, but there is a few airlines that IF havent removed that dont fly anymore, so whats wrong with adding one?

Its a rly nice livery and i think it would be great to have it in IF!


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Ive looked and i dont think that this is a duplicate :)

Don’t forget to vote for your own feature:)

Challenge is we need the 733 first! I do like this retro livery though!

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Ah yes, but the 733 wouldent be that hard i dont think :)

Aye, personally I’d love to see the classic 737s in IF.

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Let’s see, different cockpit, different wing model? I dunno honestly.




Well yeah i guess

Thats a nice livery! I would like to see this alongside the classic 737 families, but unfortunately I don’t think it is at the top of features that the community would like to see at the moment :(


Yeah i agree, im really dying to ask IF to remove the EI 350, because they dont actually have them!


But the shamrock still flies high🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 (aer lingus always have the shamrock on the tail, because it shows how powerfull we (ireland) really are, because some people look down on us)

I had no idea that even existed! 🤦‍♂️ Really cool livery though!


Haha, not many people did! Theu also had 747 and 707! NEVER A350 THO!!!

It’s called an order.


Its called it was Never delivered

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It’s called it’ll be delivered soon :^)

It’s called it was transferred to Iberia

to my knowledge

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It’s called that was only 4 of them :^) 5 are still left.

Let’s go back on topic now.

Yes because it’s called off topic. 🙄


Voted! I’m a huge fan of retros and I would absolutely love to see this one added !

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All or most of them went to Iberia