Aer Lingus 592 EIDW to LEMD

Hello guys I’m back after finally getting a good flight to catch from Dublin to Madrid!.
Aircraft: A320
Airline: Aer Lingus
Flight time: 3h
Server: Expert
Airports: Dublin Airport to Adolfo Suárez Madrid

It was an early morning flight so yea parked at gate while you try to see where the plane is

Crossing over runway 34 to taxi onto runway 28

A pleasant takeoff from Dublin and now headed south…

Sunrise over the British Isles

Arrival wasn’t so good as the atc at Madrid approach was giving missed approaches for no reason and he was really pissing me off!!. Right when I was about to quit he finally allowed me contact tower for landing and I’ll tell you what, I deserved that smooth landing!

At gate finally!


Nice pics!

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Cool pictures!

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Thanks a lot!

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