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Welcome to Aegean Virtual!

We’re Bringing Greece to You

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Welcome to Aegean Virtual! We are an Infinite Flight Virtual Airline based off of the real world Aegean Airlines. We are a member of Star Alliance Virtual and have various codeshare agreements with other members of the organization.

At Aegean Virtual, our goal is to provide a fun, welcoming, and professional Virtual Airline to the members of the Infinite Flight Community. We aim to help all of our pilots learn how to fly professionally with all the resources that they’ll need.

A message from our CEO

Hello and welcome to Aegean Virtual! I’m Aiden and am the CEO of Aegean Virtual. I created this Virtual Airline to help spread the beauty of Greece and Aegean to the rest of the Infinite Flight Community. My aim is to make this Virtual Airline as friendly as possible to ensure that all of our pilots will have a great experience here whilst also maintaining a standard of professionalism. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for reading our thread and we hope that you’ll consider applying!

At Aegean Virtual, pilots are offered hundreds of routes to fly which connect all of Europe and Greece together with our wonderful Aegean A320. In addition, we offer vintage Olympic Airlines routes with the 747-200 as well as plenty of codeshare routes in countries all over the world.

We offer a user-friendly crew center for all of our pilots to use. This also includes the ACARS application which makes filing your PIREPs much easier!

IFC Username VA Responsibility VA Callsign
@Aiden_Forusz Chief Executive Officer Aegean 001VA
@LeoC Chief Pilot Aegean 003VA
@Kostas_K Events Manager Aegean 004VA

Virtual Airline Number of Routes Active Since
Vueling Virtual 40 Routes 31.01.2023
Egyptair Virtual 30 Routes 31.01.2023
Etihad Virtual 50 Routes 02.02.2023
EasyJet Virtual 40 Routes 02.02.2023
UPS Virtual 60 Routes 09.02.2023
ANA Virtual 40 Routes 12.02.2023
Ethiopian Virtual 60 Routes 14.02.2023
Bulgaria Air 14 Routes 12.03.2023
Dubai Virtual 60 Routes 07.04.2023

Aegean Virtual aims to offer a wide range of codeshare routes for our pilots to fly. All of our codeshare agreements are with airlines that real-world Aegean is partnered with, most of which are Star Alliance airlines.

Thanks to our Aegean A320 and Olympic 747-200 in our main fleet, we are able to fly to 6 continents and 55 different countries! See the map below or our airtable to see where we fly at Aegean Virtual.

At Aegean Virtual, our fleet consists of the Aegean A320, Olympic 747-200, and Generic A319, A321, and Dash 8 Q400. For more information about our fleet, please visit our website

We are very proud to be able to have the Queen of the Skies as a part of our vintage fleet. With a range of 12,700 kilometers and a wingspan of 195 feet, this beauty will be able to take you almost anywhere from our hub of Athens Eleftherios!

We’re also delighted to have this beautiful and modern Aegean A320-200 in our fleet. With a range of about 6,200 kilometres, this aircraft can easily take you all across Europe in just a few hours in comfort and style!

Apply now to Aegean Virtual by visiting our website and filling out the application form!

Application Details and Requirements:
Grade in Infinite Flight: Grade 3 or above
Minimum Age: 13 years
Violation to Landing Ratio: Maximum of 0.50
IFC Trust Level: Basic (Level 1)
Application Test Score: 65% (11/16)
You must not be on the IFVARB Watchlist / Blacklist
You must also have access to discord, an active IFC account, and an IF pro subscription

Get Started

Infinite Flight’s Aegean Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the real world airline, Aegean. All Aegean logos are registered trademarks of Aegean.


Nice Thread!


Nice one! Happy to see Aegean active again :)


@Aegean_Virtual Does it have a minimum flight per month?


Hello, @Yukiros_31, yes we have a minimum 1 flight per month.

All the best,
- Henrik
COO Aegean Virtual


Awesome to see Aegean Virtual back again! Already applied, hope others will do the same 🤌


Thank you! We can’t wait to have you onboard! 🇬🇷 ✅

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Awesome to see Aegean Virtual active again. I’ve just applied


There’s something I’d like to ask: after answering the AEE test questions and tapping on next, the page remained blank and I’m not sure if my application was submitted and if I finished the process successfully. Is it supposed to remain blank after submission or should I be directed to a new page ?


Congratulations to Aegean Virtual‘s team! Hopefully this VA will continue to grow from day to day! 🫶🏻


Thanks, Ricky!

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Hi Michael,

We’ve received your application and you should hear back from us in the next hour or so.

Kind regards,
Aiden Forusz
CEO of Aegean Virtual


Roger that, thanks for letting me know. Really looking forward to joining Aegean Virtual again after such a long time 🙂


So we flying Aegean together?


Yesss!!! 😊


Congratulations on your approval! Great thread! :)

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Congrats on your approval!!!

Great thread @Aegean_Virtual

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Congratulations on approval, Aegean Virtual!

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Beautiful thread and congratulations 🤩


Hello everyone,

I’d like to announce the addition of 2 new routes to our Aegean database: A3 4994 (LGAV to LTAF) and A3 4995 (LTAF to LGAV)

All of our pilots, regardless of rank, can fly these routes with a 2x Multiplier until February 18 to spread awareness of the earthquake disaster being faced in Turkey and will be in our route database for the forseeable future.

Our best wishes go out to all of the affected families

Aiden F.
CEO of Aegean Virtual