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Just sent an application! :)

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Sounds great! Expect to hear back from our Recruitment Manager soon!

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Santorini Event - Pictures

Our first event was very successful and we have received positive feedback about it! Below are a few pictures taken by some participants.

Waiting in line at Thessaloniki

The group has arrived at Santorini!

Aegean A320s parked in the beautiful Santorini sunset

Waiting in line for takeoff at LGTS…MLS%20PIC3

Pictures are courtesy of @classbravo553 and @NeperQiell

Stay tuned for our next event which is coming very soon!

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Presenting…Something New…

Aegean Virtual’s Airport of the Month is Here!

Every month we will select a small Greek airport to feature in our Airport of the Month! What does this mean? Basically, all pilots will have access to all routes to this airport and each flight there will count as double time! Our goal is to discover all of Greece’s hidden gems.

So what airport do we have, you ask? Presenting September’s Airport of the Month…


LGSM - Samos Aristarchos International Airport!

This airport is well known for its very difficult approach for Runway 09, probably the hardest in Europe! Just check it out its charts, and you will see what we mean! Aegean Virtual services it with flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, operated by Olympic Air’s Dash-8. The island of Samos is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites and is a pleasure to discover! It is also known well for its wonderful beaches and its excellent wine production! It is also, as the airport name states, it is the home of the philosopher Aristarchos of Samos!

Our pilots decided to head to LGSM today and were amazed by the scenery and this approach! Here’s a picture of a few of our Dash-8s parked after a flight from LGTS.



Proud to have welcomed our 20th pilot to our ranks yesterday, capping off a great re-opening until now! We’re thriving and are having great fun flying all over Greece and discovering new places!

If you are looking for a great, supportive yet professional VA, there’s no need to look any further than here!


Have you signed up for our next event yet?

We have organised a fly out at LGIR, Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis Airport. You can fly any airline that operates to that airport, including Aegean and Olympic!

To sign up, just comment on the thread below:

There will be a new event series created by me and sponsored by Aegean Virtual. Hint: update!

At Aegean Virtual, working together with our partner airlines within the GlobeCast Virtual Alliance is very important.

For September’s event, we fly an Aegean route as we depart from glittering Larnaca in Cyprus, landing in our hub, Athens Venizelos Airport! Definitely one you won’t want to miss!


Announcement: Extending Our Partnership!

Aegean Virtual and South African Virtual have decided to extend our partnership past our codeshare agreement and have decided to have a 10-volume series of joint events! Called “From the Seas to the Capes” this series will connect our hub, LGAV, to the South African focus city of FACT in 10 installments flown by the Queen of the Skies, the 747-200, in the Olympic and South African livery, that will take place every second week!

We cannot wait for this series to begin! We are excited to work together with South African Virtual and to boost our cooperation!

Get your Gate today below!


Aegean Virtual certainly know how to put up a good show 😁

Below are a few pictures of our second event, a fly-out from LGIR, Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis Airport! Athens, Thessaloniki, Larnaca, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Budapest, Zurich…you name it! It was another success and our attendants enjoyed it a lot! Below are a few photos :) Credit goes to @NeperQiell and @Feurum.



Aegean Virtual Staff Update

Aegean Virtual has a new Events Manager! @Pascal2910 will now be taking care of Events at our VA! Congratulations!

Prior to his promotion to staff, he had been one of our quality pilots and had amassed the most flight hours, with an average of a record 25 hours a week!

We wish him luck and are confident that he will do his part very well!

Aegean Virtual. Connecting You With the Greek Hospitality.



A New Partnership!

Aegean Virtual are happy to have commenced a partnership with Etihad Virtual. As a result of this codeshare agreement, Aegean pilots will be able to explore the Middle East, as well as select routes to Australia and South Africa. With this agreement, Aegean Virtual’s route network will expand to over 300 routes in every single inhabited continent! WIth so many routes available to fly, why wait? Join Aegean Virtual Today!


Very nice to see! Looking forward to flying some A380 routes!

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200 Flights!

After just over a month of re-opening, 200 flights have been logged within our Crew Center! At the time of this message, these have already risen to 208, with over 900 hours having been logged!

Our Slack is as active as ever as we embark on groupflights together and discover the limits of our route and codeshare network, which is rapidly growing.

Want to be a part of this movement? Join via the link above!


Great milestone! Your dedication to the VA world has brought you a big achievement.


Thank you! Our whole staff team has worked hard to ensure our growth :)


Our Newest Event is Here!

In our second installment of “Discover Greece”, we will fly from Chania, a little town on the beautiful island of Crete, to Corfu, the known planespotter’s dream and popular tourist destination.

Want to reserve your gate? Just comment on the thread below!


Applied :). Waiting for response

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Awesome! @NeperQiell our Head of Recruitment should be in contact with you quite soon 🙂

Staff Update!

Unfortunately, our COO, @MathAviation7, has had to resign from Aegean Virtual as a cause of increased obligations and not having a lot of free time available anymore to fulfill duties. We thank him for all he has done for the VA and we look forward to working with him as a pilot.

This obviously left a gap as COO, but don’t get excited - we pick our staff internally. And for the COO position, @NeperQiell, who was our Head of Recruitment prior to this, will take over COO duties and will be a part of the staff team along with @Pascal2910, our Events Manager, and @Q-ENAN, our Chief of Development. Everything in the VA is back to normal as always and we are still going strong!

Interested in joining? Apply here!