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Welcome to the official thread of Aegean Virtual

Since Aegean Virtual last closed down for modernization, we decided to make big, big changes within the VA. The new Aegean aims to become one of the best Virtual Airlines within the VA scene. Within the new Aegean, you will find the ideal environment for pilots that have the freedom to fly whenever they want, wherever they want.


Website | Crew Center | Apply Here

image1-2 Who Are We

Aegean Virtual is a Virtual Airline based in Greece and Cyprus. We simulate the flights flown by the real-world Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air. Our Hub is Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Intl. Airport, otherwise known as LGAV, along with multiple smaller hubs with many destinations.

image1-2 Why are we different?

During our temporary closure, we revamped our VA to make it the ideal place for pilots to be. This included a new Crew Center, re-organizing our staff team, as well as adding new tutorials and guides for a pilots. A little preview of all we offer:

  • An executive fleet allowing you to fly wherever you want out of Greece
  • Real-time updated METARs for every destinations
  • SIDs and STARs for every destination
  • A huge route network including real-world Aegean codeshares and charters
  • A friendly community of staff and pilots
  • We are always open to our pilots’ opinions and frequently let them vote on important decisions

Tempted to join? Apply via the link at the bottom of the thread!

image1-2 Our Staff Team

No VA is complete without a staff team. At Aegean, we do our best to make life for our pilots a breeze.

Chief Executive Officer and President: @Moonlit
Chief Operating Officer and Deputy President: @MathAviation7
Chief of Development: @Q-ENAN
Head of Recruitment: @NeperQiell
Media Managers: @AndroidPilot @HockeyMan06

Read more about our Staff team here

image1-2 Website

Our modernized website fully meets VA standards. Take a look at it and notice the difference! We also use a Crew Center, courtesy of @Artem_F. We have recently made a change from VAM to the phpVMS system.

Take a look at our website here

image1-2 Alliances

Aegean Virtual is a proud member of the GlobeCast Virtual Alliance.

We also have a codeshare agreement with South African VA.

image1-2 Connecting Greece with the World

With a route database of over 350 routes, we offer you a huge diversity in routes connecting the world to our hubs. Operating from ultra long-haul to 20-minute regional flights, we are not limited to one market. Greece is known for its beautiful scenery, scenic approaches, and beautiful coastlines. Fly with us and experience this beauty from thousands of feet.


Main Hubs
Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Intl. Airport (ATH/LGAV)
Thessaloniki Macedonia Intl. Airport (SKG/LGTS)
Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis Intl. Airport (HER/LGIR)
Rhodes Diagoras Airport (RHO/LGRP)
Kalamata V. Konstantakopoulos Intl. Airport (KLX/LGKL)

A detailed description of our hubs is here

Focus Cities
Larnaca Intl. Airport (LCA/LCLK)
Mykonos Island Airport (JMK/LGMK)
Santorini Island Airport (JST/LGSR)
Chania I. Daskalogiannis Airport (CHQ/LGSA)


Here is a preview of our Route Map, not including our codeshares


Our full database and interactive route map is located here

Livery Feature Requests

Aegean A320
Olympic Dash-8
Ellinair A319

Aegean and Olympic Fleet

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 - Olympic - 0:00 Hours required
Airbus A319 - Aegean - 0:00 Hours required
Airbus A320 - Aegean - 10:00 Hours required
Airbus A321 - Aegean - 25:00 Hours required
Airbus A340 - Olympic - 75:00 Hours required
Boeing B747 - Olympic - 150:00 Hours required

Corporate Fleet
Cessna Citation X - 50 Hours required

Codeshare Fleet
Can be checked in our Rank Database

Full Rank Database



At Aegean Virtual, events take place weekly alternating from internal to community events. We also host events on special occasions, either relating to Greece or anything Aegean related. We always try to discover new places and areas in Greece, and while doing this, we always discover amazing scenery. We will be starting our first series soon, “Discover Greece”, to service smaller, less known Greek airports.


Aegean is officially recruiting pilots and our application form is now open on the website. Once you join, you will join a friendly and professional environment, ready to help you with whatever you may need. You will hear back from us within maximum 48 hours!

Join Aegean Virtual



Congrats on the new thread! Looking good! :)


Absolutely amazing thread! This is top notch. Love the GIF made by @AndroidPilot


Having worked on improving everything for so long, it’s such a pleasure to see this thread back up! We cannot wait for what the future brings for Aegean Virtual!

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Great VA to be flying I love it conversation is lots of fun.

Also take a look at out our new Alliance Event. Come out and fly with Aegean from EGLL to LGAV on the A320. I’ll be there as well as most of the staff. Come out and meet our team and fleet

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Glad to see all the enthusiasm! We hope to have new pilots join the crew! We will also release our first event after the release soon! See you in the Greek Skies!


Amazing to this thread after such a long time of hard work! Hope to see new pilots joining soon!


Have you checked out our Instagram yet?

Our Chief of Development Quenan posts pictures, all of high quality, from our excursions out of and into Greece. We’ve also introduced a new series - Route of the day - featured on our Instagram story! Follow AOVA pilots on their travels all over the world while we discover beautiful scenery as well!

Check out our Instagram Page right here!


Congratulations on your new and really vastly improved thread. Glad to have you back. Best of luck!!


Aegean Virtual’s First Event!


Aegean Virtual is truly back with a bang! To celebrate our re-opening, we will fly from Thessaloniki in northern Greece across the Aegean islands and the Cyclades, enjoying the beautiful scenery and eventually landing at Santorini, probably the most well known Greek island of them all. A volcanic island with mountainous regions, amazing beaches and breathtaking views, Santorini has plenty to offer!

To reserve a gate, simply comment on our thread below!


With what aircraft will this VA mostly be flying with since they don’t really have any Aegan fleets in the game yet?

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Hello there,
We operate Generic liveries. Our fleet consists of the Olympic fleet (Dash-8, A340, B747) and the Aegean one (A319, A320, A321) as well as the CCX. Till now, liveries have unfortunately been pending.

If you want to see these liveries, you can vote on their respective Features topics!


Just a week after our overhaul, Aegean Virtual is thriving in our new environment! We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming lots of new pilots to our ranks, all of which have fit into VA life very well and are actively logging flights.

We are also considering adding special offers to our pilots to “celebrate” the end of summer!

Would you like to be a part of this?

Join Aegean Virtual and Experience the Greek Hospitality for yourself!


Discover Thessaloniki!


Thessaloniki, Aegean Virtual’s secondary hub and Greece’s second largest city, is situated in North Greece. Known for its amazing mountainous as well as seaside views, you will not want to miss a flight here! AOVA operates 20+ routes out of Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport! Join Aegean Virtual and experience this beautiful landscape out of your very own cockpit!

Aegean Virtual - Bringing you the Greek Hospitality. For every “distant” you want to bring near.


Just sent an application! :)

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Sounds great! Expect to hear back from our Recruitment Manager soon!

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Santorini Event - Pictures

Our first event was very successful and we have received positive feedback about it! Below are a few pictures taken by some participants.

Waiting in line at Thessaloniki

The group has arrived at Santorini!

Aegean A320s parked in the beautiful Santorini sunset

Waiting in line for takeoff at LGTS…MLS%20PIC3

Pictures are courtesy of @classbravo553 and @NeperQiell

Stay tuned for our next event which is coming very soon!

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Presenting…Something New…

Aegean Virtual’s Airport of the Month is Here!

Every month we will select a small Greek airport to feature in our Airport of the Month! What does this mean? Basically, all pilots will have access to all routes to this airport and each flight there will count as double time! Our goal is to discover all of Greece’s hidden gems.

So what airport do we have, you ask? Presenting September’s Airport of the Month…


LGSM - Samos Aristarchos International Airport!

This airport is well known for its very difficult approach for Runway 09, probably the hardest in Europe! Just check it out its charts, and you will see what we mean! Aegean Virtual services it with flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, operated by Olympic Air’s Dash-8. The island of Samos is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites and is a pleasure to discover! It is also known well for its wonderful beaches and its excellent wine production! It is also, as the airport name states, it is the home of the philosopher Aristarchos of Samos!

Our pilots decided to head to LGSM today and were amazed by the scenery and this approach! Here’s a picture of a few of our Dash-8s parked after a flight from LGTS.



Proud to have welcomed our 20th pilot to our ranks yesterday, capping off a great re-opening until now! We’re thriving and are having great fun flying all over Greece and discovering new places!

If you are looking for a great, supportive yet professional VA, there’s no need to look any further than here!


Have you signed up for our next event yet?

We have organised a fly out at LGIR, Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis Airport. You can fly any airline that operates to that airport, including Aegean and Olympic!

To sign up, just comment on the thread below: