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image1-2 Why Join Aegean Virtual?

We provide amazing service, not seen often at other VAs, for each and every one of our pilots! Join us and notice the difference! We provide SIDs and STARs for every destinations, flight plans, updated METARs for each airport, as well as checklists and several different types of guides which you will discover upon arriving. We also add a route to our Crew Center immediately after it is introduced by the real-world Aegean or Olympic! Of course, whether you use these or just fly is up to you. In short, we offer the perfect conditions for complete realism.

image1-2 Modern Crew Center

Our Crew Center, which is hosted by VAM, lets you simulate real-world flights like no other! It contains every single flight for our vast route network, which reaches into all six populated continents! While, to simulate realism, every pilot is based at a hub, we do not assign routes to pilots or tell them where to fly.

image1-2 Our Goal in Infinite Flight

Our mission is to create a thriving community where each and every pilot can feel comfortable in his surroundings. We are open to suggestions and will always take care of any problems within the game you may have. We also have a very detailed Beginner’s Guide, explaining our VA’s operations to all of our pilots and VA life in general. If you’re curious, check it out here!

image1-2 Operations

Combining Olympic Air (who have been acquired by Aegean) and Aegean’s routes, we operate to over 180 destinations across all six inhabited continents! We also operate a corporate fleet, which will allow you to fly to any airport in range out of Greece! More details below:

Ranks and Fleet
  • Rank 1 - Olympic Air Trainee - Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
  • Rank 2 - First Officer - Airbus A319
  • Rank 3 - Captain - Airbus A320
  • Rank 4 - Senior Captain - Airbus A321
  • Rank 5 - Executive Pilot - Cessna Citation X
  • Rank 6 - Long-Haul Captain - Airbus A340
  • Rank 7 - Commander - Boeing B747

More info on our fleet can be found here!

Vote for our liveries here!
Aegean Airlines A320
Olympic Air Dash-8 Q400

Routes and Hubs


  • LGAV - Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport
  • LGTS - Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport
  • LGIR - Heraklion “Nikos Kazantzakis” Airport
  • LGKL - Kalamata “Vassilis Konstantakopoulos” Airport
  • LGRP - Rhodes “Diagoras” Airport
  • LCLK - Larnaca International Airport

All our routes from each destination can be seen here!


@Moonlit - CEO and Founder
@MathAviation7 - COO and temporary Events Manager
@Q-ENAN - Chief Pilot and temporary Designer
Open Postion- Events Manager
Open Position - Media Manager

Further staff positions will be handpicked by the VA board.

image1-2 Any questions?

This account is reachable by PM and will get back to you in the next 24 hours. You can also contact us at Feedback for our thread is also appreciated.

image1-2 Apply Now!

Join and experience a warm and friendly community, ready to help you with anything you may need! After submitting your application, we will get back to you in the next 24 hours. If you have not Please note that after filling out our preliminary thread, you will be redirected to our main Google Forms thread.

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Nice thread, I might be tempted to join at a later date. =D


Thanks for the feedback! We would be happy to have you :)


An event will be coming out soon. Stay tuned for more. We also need an event manager!

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Aegean Virtual presents: Saturday Charters - Istanbul!

For our maiden event next Saturday, we will depart out of the glorious Athens as we head across the beautiful Mediterranean islands, landing at the ancient Greek-Byzantine city Constantinople. Reserve a gate today!


Since our re-opening, we have our first pilot to join our team! Welcome! @Thomas_G

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Our event is going to start in less than 24 hours. Here is the link to join! Also, whoever joins our VA up to 48 hours after our event will get double flight time!

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Official Update by AOVA

We’ve revamped our thread, better describing the great conditions you will find within our VA! In other news, our event last Saturday also went quite well, and the next one is already in the works! (Hint: it includes a fill the airport event!)

Also, as promised in our thread, a new route has been added to the Crew Center - namely - Athens to Basel! Aegean introduced this route a few days ago and you can now fly it for our VA as well!

Join Aegean Virtual


Are you looking for an Media Manager position? Would you like to make the only Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight that is based in Greece more popular? All admins in our VA have access to all routes and aircraft immediately; from Island hopping to flying to all 6 continents with the Queen of the Skies!


11 Years of Age or above
Must have a PRO Subscription
Must be (or previously attained) Grade 3 or above
Must have experience with photoshop/video making
Must be able to speak English
Must be able to make banners and videos when requested
Must have Slack (for communication)


Please send all applications to @AegeanVirtual . Once we have seen your PM we will send you a few questions to fill out. After that, you will be required to make a certain rank badge and a promotional video. More information will be given to applicants. If these steps are taken, and you passed, then you will become our Media Manager! Applications are open until job position is filled.


We are going to be hosting an Fill-up Airport event soon! Stay tuned for more info!


The airport for the Fill-up event has two runways and is NOT LGAV. Want to guess where?

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Just thought I’d leave this here :) awesome A350 Aegean concept livery! Great design by @Matt737, thanks from all our staff and pilots!

Remember, if you do have any concepts or livery pics like this make sure to leave them below!

Happy landings!


Hello, our fill up event will be posted in a few hours. Plane and Pilot organized! Stay tuned for more info. Also applications for event and media managers are closed.


Staff and Event Announcment
Hello everyone! Today I would like to present the Thessaloniki Fill Up Event. It was made by Plane and Pilot, who did a phenomenal job creating it! Also I would like to announce @Trevor_A as our new event manager! He will do a phenomenal job and create fun and enticing events! Congratulations. Check the link below for the event.

Aegean Virtual Upper Management


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I have a questions why do you guys like to roast people on the forum?


Well hopefully they don’t. But if they do, then contact a moderator


It was a joke.I know the staff😂😂


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