Aegean Virtual Saturday Charters Vol.1: Istanbul @ LGAV - XXXXXXZMAR18 [New time will be announced tomorrow. Check post for reason.]

Server: TS1

Region: Greece and Turkey

Aircraft: A319/A320

Airport: LGAV

Time: 1800Z

Event Description: Aegean Virtual is introducing a new event series: Saturday Charters. These events take place every other Saturday and will take you to many destinations that we don’t serve normally, usually departing out of Greece or Cyprus. This first charter event, we depart from glorious Athens, cross the shining Mediterranean Sea while passing dazzling Greek islands, before reaching Istanbul, an awestrucking city itself! All pilot members, before or 48 hours after the event, who flew the event will get double flight time. Below the Charters for the next couple of events and the flight information for this the event are provided.

NOTAM: We will be using the A319/A320 Generic Liveries for this event. Please let us know what livery you will use when you sign up for the event. There will be two group leaders (one for the A319 gates and one for the A320 gates).The flight plan can be copied from @Moonlit (AOVA 001) or @Kyriakos_Papasavas (AOVA 002).To RSVP please reply in the thread, with the aircraft of your choice. Do not pushback until your group leader has done so and do not pass your group leader while taxiing.

Flight Info

Date: March 24
Time: 1800Z
Cruising Altitude: FL320
Speed below 10,000 ft: 220 KIAS
Speed above 10,000 ft: M 0.80
Flight time: 1.5 hours
Members of AOVA who don’t have access to the A319/A320 will be given access to both aircraft for the event.

About our VA

Aegean Virtual is the only and unique Greek VA in Infinite Flight! We operate out of Greece and Cyprus, and - this is something you won’t see a lot - we operate flights to all six continents, out of Europe! We have a fleet from the small, but mighty, Dash-8 to the gianormus Queen of The Skies. More info about us can be found here:

Website -

Crew Center -

Apply Here! -


A319 Gates:
North Apron B45: @Kyriakos_Papasavas
North Apron B44:
North Apron B43:
North Apron B42:
North Apron B41:
North Apron B40:
North Apron B39:
North Apron B38:
More Gates will be added if needed.

A320 Gates:
North Apron B67: @Moonlit
North Apron B66: @Ironman_Ballets
North Apron B65:
North Apron B64:
North Apron B63:
North Apron B62:
North Apron B61:
North Apron B60:
More Gates will be added if needed.

LGAV Ground:
LGAV Tower:
LTBA Tower:
LTBA Ground

Next Saturday Charter Destinations


Thanks for reading and the Aegean Virtual Staff hope you can make the event!

Note that Aegean Virtual has no responsibility for the violations collected during the event


Note that there is double flight time for pilots of AOVA, or pilots who join the VA up to 48 hours after the event is completed! That is about 3 hours of flight time you can get from joining the event!

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I’ll take a gate please


Which aircraft A319 or A320?

I prefer the A320 thanks

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Make sure to sign up for this event! I’ll be leading the A320 group during the event. Hope you can make it!😀

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Due to our event taking place at the same time as the very popular Fill up LAX event on Expert, the time will be moved. The new time for the event will be announced tommorow.
Edit: this event will be closed and a the new event (same destination) will be posted using our new VA account. This way any staff member can respond and add participants as well as making edits to the event.