Aegean Virtual Reenactment of Successful 32nd Street Emergency Landing @ CYYC - 111700ZMAY18 [Closed]

Server: Training Server

Location: Calgary Area

Date : May 12,2018

Time: 2000z

This Saturday Aegean will be doing a reenactment flight of the airplane that was landed on 36th street in Calgary. We honor the heroic pilot who was able to land a plane on just a one lane road right next to a very busy downtown and metro system. He saved all six lives on board after suffering a faulty fuel pump. So please come out to reenact the heroics of this amazing pilot.


Please follow instructions from leader
Obey all ATC Instructions at all times
Aircraft will be Cessna 208 Caravan (Gerenic or Private Liveries)
Please spawn 5 mins before event start

Flight Plan:

Rokta Cainn Pevni Dyson Loony FA9 Gabol Revig R2891
Copy flight plan from AOVA004 (@Trevor_A) or AOVA 002 (@MathAviation7)


Callsigns will be own choice as long as appropriate. Please use your own callsign if you are a pilot in our VA.
GA Apron 01: @MathAviation7 [Leader]
GA Apron 02: @Trevor_A [Leader]
GA Apron 03: @Captain-Daniel C-DANO
GA Apron 04:
GA Apron 05:
GA Apron 06:
GA Apron 07:
GA Apron 08:
GA Apron 09:
GA Apron 10:

CYYC Tower/Ground:

About Aegean Virtual

Aegean Virtual is home to some of the best pilots on Infinite Flight. We have a state of the art crew center, second to none flight logs,metars,and checklist. Aegean also offers some amazing routes from our hubs including are main hub Athens-LGAV, and secondary hubs like LGRP, LGLK and LGTS. We go to six continents with our fleet having some very cool heavies including the vintage Olympic A340 and B747. We also have a corporate fleet allowing pilots to fly to almost all destinations! Please check out our website below for more information.

This event was created by @Trevor_A, our new Events Manager. We hope you can make the event!


Will this be a landing on the “road” in Infinite Flight?

If so, how will we locate the road?

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We will land at the airport again :)

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Would you like to join? The time is 2000Z.

I don’t think I would make it though. I already have another event hosted by @Daniel14.

I was just curious on the landing.

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@Moonlit @Q-ENAN @Abbasbeloved @Thomas_G Will you attend the event?

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Go head and sign me up! I will let you know about any change.

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Okay! You have GA Apron 2!

Remember, two more days before the event starts!

Wow didn’t know that Aegean flew to Calgary. That’s a long way in an A320!


Can’t make it cuz it’d be 4am for me…😂
Have fun though🛬😎🛫

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Hey @Balloonchaser
This is not an event that was made to recruit people because we know this was a very scary event for everyone on that plane and in Calgary. That’s why we put all information about our VA in a drop down box so we did not force people to read about our VA. We put our VA in their in case people wanted to read more about our VA in case of any questions about why we do special events. In end due to some of our members being from North America this is why we decided to do this…We decided to remember the pilot just like many did to Southwest 1380 flight because it was speciaI what the pilots did. Sorry for any confusion thinking this was any kind of recruitment event. Any questions please continue in pm.
Aegean VA Event Manager


They fly it on their A340 or Olympic 747 from Athens (LGAV) which is around 10 hours. They used to I remember at least.

Actually, we don’t operate the route! We are just having the event take place there, because this was where the lamding took place! Also, can you join?

Does anyone else want to celebrate the acts of a heroic pilot? If so sign up and get a gate

Thanks, @Balloonchaser summed up my views on this event. Sorry not able to attend, happy contrails


Aha, let me change your point of view. Let’s see, how many people made an SWA1380 Honnor flight event? At least 2! :) I would really appreciate if you could join :)

Sounds very interesting! I will probably be able to make it but I am doing DS for AFKLM, but I should arrive before this event. Sign me up though, I would love to attend, C-DANO.

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Your all signed up at GA Apron 3. Thanks for joining!

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