Aegean Virtual Presents: Goodbye Kyriakos @ LSZH - 031700ZNOV18


A change from our usual events… Next weekend, we will be saying goodbye to our long-time COO, @MathAviation7, or also known as Kyriakos, after he has served the VA for over 8 months and also been together with us since the founding.

We will fly from Zurich in Switzerland, a common stop for his travels, travel over the Adriatic Gulf, cross the Aegean Sea and all its beautiful islands, until we reach the biggest of all - his home island, Rhodes.

About Rhodes

Nowadays, Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. It used to be the home of one of the Seven World Wonders, the Colossus of Rhodes. It combines ancient history, beautiful sandy beaches, all the way to large modern resorts. From the Old Town, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, to the ancient castles on the mountaintops, to the Acropolis in Lindos, you will never be bored in Rhodos.

General Details

Departure Airport: LSZH, Zurich Kloten Airport

Arrival Airport: LGRP, Rhodes Intl. Airport “Diagoras”

Aircraft: A320 (Generic)

Time and Date: November 3, 2018 5:00 PM (this will be converted to your time)

Estimated Flight Time: 2:45 - 2:50 hours

Server: Training Server 1

NOTAMs: All relevant NOTAMs, as well as flight plan and runways will be announced here and in a group PM 2 hours prior to event.

Reserve your Gate Today!

You don’t need to be an Aegean Virtual Pilot to reserve your gate.

To reserve your gate, simply comment below with your callsign. If you want to use the flight number, it is:

AEE483 - Aegean 483.

While LSZH has plenty of space, the apron in Rhodes has a limit of 14 aircraft. Make sure to reserve your gate as soon as you can!


Dock A Gate 44: @Moonlit
Dock A Gate 45: @Pascal2910
Dock A Gate 46: @Feurum
Dock A Gate 47: @MathAviation7
Dock A Gate 48: @Cwilliams21
Dock A Gate 49: @Ghibli127
Dock A Gate 50: @Emmanuel_Mgilane
Dock A Gate 51: @Merijnos
Dock A Gate 53: @Q-ENAN
Dock A Gate 55:
Dock A Gate 57:

More Gates can be added if required.

Air Traffic Control

LSZH Ground: @EthanT2
LSZH Tower: @EthanT2
LGRP Approach: @anon87102400
LGRP Tower: @EthanT2
LGRP Ground: @EthanT2

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Will definitely take a gate for this!

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Can I take ATC Tower+Ground at LSZH and LGRP?

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Done! You are ATC at both airports for the event.

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Sign up me please! AOVA118.

Sign me thanks …Ghibli127

Dock A Gate 48: CT0531

Can I please have a gate
Generic 320

I definitely need to join!

Thanks for joining! Gate assignments will be updated

Could I do LGRP approach? Thanks!

@Feurum You’ve got Dock A Gate 46.

@Ghibli127 You’ve got Dock A Gate 47.

@cbrooks531 You’ve got Dock A Gate 48.

@Cwilliams21 You’ve got Dock A Gate 49.

@MathAviation7 The expected arrival! Your gate is Dock A Gate 50.

@anon87102400 Roger, you’ve got LGRP Approach. All ATC positions are now taken!

Still plenty of gates left!

See you all there!


Can i get dock 51?

I’ll join you guys in sending @MathAviation7 off. Please assign a gate for me as well.

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I would like to join!!! My callsign is AOVA004

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@Merijnos You’ve got Dock A Gate 51. See you there!

@Emmanuel_Mgilane You’ve got Dock A Gate 50. See you there!

@Pascal2910 Good evening Capt’n! You’ve got Dock A Gate 45. See you there!

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Still Plenty of Gates Left!

More gates are still available to be added and reserved for next Saturday! Join us as we say goodbye to our long serving COO!


Sorry for Booking , in this moment i am grade 1 ,not access at the event for training server grade 2. Thanks…

Roger - the gate has been removed. Hopefully you’ll be able to join us on our next one!

Still plenty of gates available!