Aegean Virtual Official Thread | Bring you closer to those you love | 2020

Officially IFVARB approved!
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Aegean Virtual replicates the real life operations of Aegean Airlines, a leading Star Alliance member airline. It operates out of three (3) main hubs within Greece and Cyprus!

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos ATH LGAV
Larnaca International Airport – Glafcos Clerides LCA LCLK
Thessaloniki Airport SKG LGTS

Here at Aegean Virtual, we use a small and elegant ranking system to help our pilots progress within the Virtual Airline. The ranking system can be seen below with all the information that is need for each rank within Aegean Virtual!

Rank Hours Notes
Cadet (Trainee) 0 - 7 Must complete a training flight and can fly the Dash 8 Q-400
Second Officer 8 - 35 Can fly the A319-100 & the Dash 8 Q-400
Senior Second Officer 36 - 75 Can fly the A319-100, A320-200 & the Dash 8 Q-400
First Officer 76 - 125 N/A
Senior First Officer 126 > 175 Can fly the Airbus A319-100, A320-200, A321-200 & the Dash 8 Q-400
Captain 176+ N/A

| Position | Status |
| Chairman | @Jack_White |
| Deputy Chairman | @SkyLineHeavy |
| Assistant Chairman (Internal) - Recruitment & Training | @Jelmer_de_Vries1 |
| Assistant Chairman (External) - Events & Public Relations | OPEN |
| Human Resources Manager | CLOSED |
| Recruiter | OPEN |
| Events Coordinators | OPEN |
| Events Coordinator | @George_Antoniadis |
| Chief Pilot | OPEN |

| Manufacturer | Model |
| Bombardier | Dash 8 Q400 |
| Airbus | A319-100 |
| Airbus | A320-200 |
| Airbus | A321-200 |

To join Aegean Virtual you must meet the following requirements before submitting an application on our website, these requirements are listed below:

  • Must be at least Grade Two (2) for pilots and Grade Three (3) for staff
  • Must submit at least one (1) flight a month on the crew center
  • If applying for a staff position, you cannot be on the IFVARB blacklist/watchlist and staff at another Virtual Airline

Aegean Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Aegean or its Affiliates. is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Aegean and/or any of their baby companies. All official crests, logos, seals, and relevant imagery are the property of Aegean Airlines. All Star Alliance official crests, logos, seals, and relevant imagery are the property of Star Alliance (Airline Alliance).

© 2020 | All rights reserved | Credit to @Georgios_P for the images provided


Very nice thread, it will be nice to see you in the skies.

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What do the red destinations mean in the minimap?

Welcome back Aegean Virtual! Good luck! 🇬🇷

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Good question! They are the operating hubs for Aegean!

Good to know, thank you!

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Congrats and good luck representing Aegean here on IF


It feels amazing to see this rise again from the ashes…applying as we speak! Welcome back Aegean


Congrats guys! Its awesome that Aegean finally got their amazing livery in IF which they deserved for a long time… Balkans, onwards and upwards!


Looks like a pretty good thread


Looks very nice!!
Happy to be on board!


Lovely threat!

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Great thread guys! Wishing you every success!
Happy Flying


It will be batter!

Still some Staff positions open!

Aegean Virtual Airlines is still looking gain three (3), yes three staff members to fill the following positions:

  • Chief Pilot
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Events Manager

To apply for these positions you must fit these requirements located below, you can submit your application by direct messaging @AegeanVA or filling the in the application located at website

  • Must be Grade Three (3)
  • Must be willing to submit a flight at least once (1) a month
  • Must NOT be staff at any other Virtual Airline
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Website | Instagram | Twitter | Application

Recently Aegean Virtual has had a shape up of the staff team, it is with great pleasure to announce that @SkyLineHeavy (Owen) has been appointed to the position of Deputy Chairman, from the opening on Aegean Virtual, Owen has been a great asset to the staff team. So we wish him well in his new position with that being said more staff positions have been opened up! If you’d like to apply for any of the staff positions you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least Grade Three (3)
  • Must be willing to submit a flight at least once (1) per month
  • Must NOT be staff at any other Virtual Airline and/or Virtual Organisation

The open staff positions are as followed;

  • Assistant Chairman (External)
  • Events Coordinator
  • Recruiter
  • Chief Pilot

Why not head over to our recent event thread: Exploring Greece with Aegean Virtual and take part in the short hop from Athens International (LGAV) to Santorini International (LGSR) in the glorious Dash 8-Q400!


Website | Instagram | Twitter | Application
Aegean Virtual likes to keep the Virtual Airline community up to date! Below is some key information that we believe that the Infinite Flight community will be interested in!
Total Flight Hours Miles Flown Total Pilots
587:25:00 18,676 14

We are still recruiting for the following positions so do send in an application!

  • Assistant Chairman (External)
  • Recruiter [2x]
  • Events Coordinator

We have also entered the Star Alliance Virtual organisation thus meaning even more routes are now open to our pilots here at Aegean Virtual meaning we now have over 708 schedules for our pilots to fly with more being added daily!


Website | Instagram | Twitter | Application

Since we like to keep the community up to date, here’s how we’ve grown!

Total Flight Hours Miles Flown Total Pilots
631:27:00 30,244 19

Aegean Virtual has partnered with Ace Pilot Training to bring the highest caliber of IF flight training to our prospective pilots. Instead of a typical exam or checkride, you’ll get a course based on FAA standards that will make any IF aviator a better pilot.

Website | Courses

If you think you’ve got what it takes, we’re accepting applications for staff positions!

  • Recruiter
  • Chief Pilot
  • Events Coordinator

We’ve also added even more routes with more partnerships, meaning you’ll have nearly 800 to choose from and still more to come.


it’s good to see Aegean VA coming back, I think it would be liked by our dear @Georgios_P haha