Aegean Virtual Official Thread 2021 | We are proud to welcome you to our new dawn

We are proud to welcome you to our new dawn.

Aegean Virtual Airlines is dedicated to offer Infinite Flight all the best Greece has to offer! Aegean Airlines is a star alliance member since June 2010, it operates scheduled and charter services from Athens and Thessaloniki to other major Greek destinations as well as to a number of European and Middle Eastern destinations. Its main hubs are Athens International Airport in Athens, Macedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki and Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus.
Also awarded as the Best Regional Airline in Europe for 10 times in a row, as well as Third Best Regional Company in the world.

Welcome to AEGEAN’s new era

Inspired by the Greek sky and seas, historical architecture and the design heritage of our country, our new brand identity and livery are here to shape a dynamic future for AEGEAN. Join us to discover the new features that mark the beginning of our neo era. A mix of bold, classical forms combined with the purity of symmetry and a new color palette. We may not have our new livery in Infinite Flight yet, but we do embrace the spirit of the new identity. Aegean Virtual has gone through some staff changes during the last months and this also marks the a new era in the Virtual skies as well!

Being a part of us means being a part of a family and a fast growing team. Greece is not only known for it’s beauty but it’s also known for it’s airports. With us you will be trained to perform all the complex procedures are needed for landing in many of Greece’s islands. You will be trained to read and execute SID’s and STAR’s based on real charts and you will get the opportunity to fly all around the world with our diverse Codeshare Partnership Database! During your service as a pilot with us you will get to be a part of group flights, skill tests and many more! You are more than welcome to join us!

  • Willing and able to engage with the community

  • Valid IFC account and Infinite Flight Grade 3 or above

  • Access to your personal Discord account

  • Passing the Aegean Virtual written test

We’ve done away with the standard rank system, prohibiting pilots from flying aircraft based on hours filed. Once you join, you can fly all Aegean and Olympic Air routes and aircraft. Details can be found in the manual. We don’t have a minimum flying time, but we ask you to fly at least once a month. All flights for Aegean Virtual should be filled in our own logging system as our new Crew Center is under development.

Aegean Virtual has a dedicated staff team that puts the pilots first. The small team is carefully selected to be the very best, and is invested in offering you the best experience. A few word’s from our CEO:

  • Aegean Airlines represents the Greek spirit and it’s values as the flag carrier of Greece. I am honoured to carry on this legacy to the virtual world and lead a team who shares the same values and pation for aviation! Aegean virtual isn’t just a virtual airline for me, it’s a home and i want you to feel the same when being a part of us!

| Staff Position | Member |
| President (CEO) | @Kostas_K
| Vice President (COO) | @MichaelMetaxas

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Looking forward to welcome you!

Apply Here | Our Website | Handbook | Official Trailer


Nice thread. Proud to be pilot in AegeanVA


Stunning thread! 🤩

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Honoured to have you with us !

We thank you for the kind words!

We are honoured to announce a new Star Alliance Codeshare Partner @ANAVirtualGroup !


We’re honoured to be codeshare partners with you. Wishing you safe flights!

-@ANAVirtualGroup Staff


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