Aegean Presents: The Beauty of Greece #1 @ HECA - 021900ZJUN18

Aegean Virtual Presents...

About this event

Aegean Virtual is starting up a new event series, called “The Beauty of Greece”! In this series, we fly to Greece from countries nearby to explore and enjoy the majestic scenery of the mainland and its tiny dotted islands. First up is the heart of the Ancient Kingdom of Macedon, the home of Alexander the Great, a city named after Alexander’s sister - Thessaloniki! The Northern Capital, as it is known, offers plenty of amazing beaches, the historic White Tower, and scenery which you could absorb for hours! Make sure not to miss this flight into this beautiful seaside city!

Flight Details

Server: Training Server
Departing Airport: HECA - Cairo Intl. Airport
Arriving Airport: LGTS - Thessaloniki Makedonia Intl. Airport
Date and Time: June 2, 2018 7:00 PM
Approximative Flight Time: 2 hours

Runway and Flight Plan Info
This may change due to wind information.

Aircraft: A320, Generic Livery. You can fly what aircraft you like, as long as it’s not too large for LGTS)
Want to be able to fly with a livery? Vote for the A320 Aegean Livery here.

Departure Runway: 05C
Arrival Runway: 16

Note: Thessaloniki Airport’s Runway 10 is currently under construction IRL. Do not land on Runway 10L.


Cruise Info: FL360 @0.78 Mach

Fuel: Up to the Pilot in Command. 7,000 kg should get you over the line.

Maintain Seperation at all times!

Important Info:

  • Please spawn in your assigned gate, preferably a few minutes before pushback time.

  • This flight will count as double flight time for all VA members and pilots who join the VA in the 48 hours after the event.

  • If ATC is active, please follow all ATC instructions. If Unicom is active, please maintain a level of respect and professionalism worthy of Aegean Virtual and the IFC.

Gates and ATC:

To reserve a gate or an ATC position, simply comment below.

Gate T3 F1:
Gate T3 F2: @MathAviation7
Gate T3 F3: @ADDY28
Gate T3 F5: @Jack5
Gate T3 G1: @FlyAndCrash
Gate T3 G2: @Bajisa
Gate T3 G3: @FDemon
Gate T3 G4: @Thomas_G
Gate T3 G5: @Bld003
Gate T3 G7: @Cpt_elpuru
Gate T3 G8: @Q-ENAN
Gate T3 G9:
Gate T3 301:
Gate T3 302:
Gate T3 303:
Gate T3 304:

HECA Ground: @NationofAviation
HECA Tower: Same
LGTS Tower: Same
LGTS Ground: Same

More Gates can and will be added if required.


Join Aegean Virtual!

All pilots in the VA and all pilots who join within 48 hours after the event will have this flight counted as double flight time.


Looks very nice! I’ll try and attend your next event! :)

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Hey all, there’s a quick issue with the formatting, it’ll be fixed soon, in the meantime, don’t let that distract you. Will be back to normal soon!

Do you want a gate? Or do you want to be on standby?

Unfortunately I’m buisy at that particular time. I’ll try and attend your next event.

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Can I join. I will fly the A320. I am also helping lead this event (I am COO) so I might be help with the event.


Make sure to join guys, it’s gonna be a good one! ATC is needed as well if anyone is interested :)

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T3 F2 is yours! See you there!

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I’ll attend for sure

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T3 F3 is yours. See you there!

I would love to join!

@Jack5 continuing our Slack PM here - you’ve got T3 F5. See you there!

@NeperQiell Good to see you! T3 G1 is yours. See you there!

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@Bajisa continuing our Forum PM here - Gate T3 G2 is yours. See you there!

@Abbasbeloved @Thomas_G @Q-ENAN @Trevor_A Will you be able to attend?

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Thank you so much!!!

This sounds fun…Gate Please!


Gate T3 G3 is yours! See you there, it’s gonna be a good one!

Gate G4 please @AegeanVirtual

It’s yours. See you there! :) Τα λέμε!