Aegean airlines new livery

About Aegean airlines:

Aegean airlines is the largest airline in Greece. This airline is a replacement of the old Olympic aviation which was the first regional carrier in Greece. With a fleet of 50+ airbus aircraft it connects Europe, Africa and Asia to Athens and some other greek cities and Islands (such as Heraklion, Rhodes Island, Thessaloniki etc). Also Aegean airlines is considered as the best regional carrier, with 5 - star - ratings in skytrax.

About the livery:

In 2019, Aegean airlines announced the creation of a new livery which will be painted on the fuselage of the A320neo and A321neo. This livery came to reality when the first A320neo, registered as SX-NEO, arrived in Athens airport. However, this year, the livery was also added in some of the airline’s A320ceo’s.

The new livery is this:

So my request is for infinite flight to add this new livery to the A320. I think this would be great to have!

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