Aegean Airlines New Livery Revealed!

Lol just after they added the soon to be old one to IF


The first A320neo has arrived in Athens. However, it’s full livery is still covered. Aegean Airlines will reveal the entire livery in January 2020 when it receives its second A320neo.

(Image by @11aviation on Twitter)

Here’s an interesting concept livery though, created by loneskyimages. If this is the official one, I’d say it looks solid.

Aw man, I like Eurowhite but the old livery is just 😍😍

Another amazing concept by LoneSky:


Wow, if this is the actual livery, I would be so excited! This would be one of the best liveries in Europe if not the world in my opinion

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The concept livery is better than the current livery, change my mind


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Just wondering if the Aegean new livery still incorporates the previous tail design only in light blue and white for the wings…
Could someone be able to apply a rendering of the this…
Will be interesting to see the final design…

New livery will be revealed in 3 days on February 4.



I don’t like that livery😒, it looks a bit like Aer Lingus’s new livery but then blue

How did you go from:


Funny how you changed opinions so fast


I knew someone would smash that oppinion in my face, BUT… opinions can change fast and I didn’t see the whole livery😉

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Jeez… it’s crazy how accurate loneskyimages’ concept is to the real thing…

Here’s a graphic from Airbus as well:

Is anyone able to change the title to “Aegean Airlines New Livery Revealed”?

I don’t have access to editing the original post or the title.

I think the livery is absolutely awful! I am very disappointed and was expecting much more. The should actually have used the Greek flag 🇬🇷 instead of a few bird shaped figures. It will take time for the livery to grow on me.


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Usually, I am that guy who always likes the new liveries but here, I have to say that I like the old livery more. Maybe it will grow on me later…who knows?


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Is that a tray table… on top of the seat?


Yup, that’s the standard European business class. They block the middle seat with a tray table so it’s a “2-2” configuration.

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