Aegean Airlines New Livery Revealed!

Looks like Athens-based Aegean Airlines will be receiving a new livery starting with their first A320neo:

(Image by xfw-spotter)

@Frenchpainter on Twitter

The first A320neo arrived in Athens on December 19, 2019. However, it’s full livery is still covered. Aegean Airlines will reveal the entire livery in January 2020 when it receives its second A320neo.

(Image by @11aviation on Twitter)

Here’s an interesting concept livery though, created by loneskyimages. If this is the official one, I’d say it looks solid.


Current Livery:

At least it seems to have more color… but will lose the red cheatline and gray underside.

In other words, it’s another Eurowhite.



Your worst nightmare



Eurowhite got ‘em again

I look at it this way, if and when Paul ever gets his old Aegean livery, he’ll want this one instead.


This is problematic

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I think I like the new livery more.
It’s just modern looking.🤩

I hope to see it one day in the future

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Really mixed feelings on this, the old one may have been simple but for me, it just worked. On the other hand, it is a commercially sound decision.

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Old livery reminds me of Continental, but let’s see what this rather obvious eurowhite livery is like

We lost another to the Eurowhite Trend, but I like this new livery change! It has more color.

This is very interesting and exiting as Aegean modernizes their fleet! If this livery comes out on their regular A320s I hope we can get it. Can’t wait until the livery is officially released!


But yeah yet and another Eurowhite livery…


Looks nice so far, can’t wait to see the end result.

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Can we get taps rolling? Eurowhite got em too.

First SAS,

Now this.


That’s a shame…

Ahahahahaha nice one!

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Wasn’t the Aegan livery almost always a Eurowhite livery? It was always so… bland.

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I assume we’re defining Eurowhite as a basic white fuselage with nothing on it except the airline’s name. Aegean’s current livery features a gray underside with a red cheatline.

No, it was not almost always a Eurowhite livery and was not even close to being one. Eurowhite is when the aircraft is completely white(except for the back, tail area). The gray belly and red line keeps it from being a true Eurowhite livery.

Thats true, that’s why I was in favor of the change because it has more color.

dont forget aer lingus

Getting closer