Aegean Airlines Flight Report: ATH-ZRH

Earlier today, after visited family and watched a football game in Athens, the capital of Greece, I was flying back to Zurich in Switzerland to resume the lovely duty that is school. The flight was on, you guessed it, Aegean Airlines. Compared to other European carriers, I would call it an excellent experience (seeing how I was flying alone, I also got some peace and quiet! Here’s how it went.

The day began with me heading to the metro station and taking it down to the airport. I cut it pretty close since there was a quite frequent metro service if I missed one and I didn’t have any luggage or carry on. I had printed my boarding pass at home so all I had to do was get to security and relax before my flight.

Security was as quick as can be, and that was without a fast track. I didn’t stop the time, but it can’t have been more than two or three minutes. This is due to the renovation work Athens Airport carried out last October.

After that, I had an hour, so I sat down, enjoyed some home food and took pictures of planes I could find there. Here’s one worth mentioning:

American Airlines A330 to Philadelphia, next to a hardly visible ACA Rouge B767 heading to Toronto.

I also found this nice poster Aegean put up to commemorate their being voted the Best European Regional Airline for the 9th time in a row.

After that, I headed to my gate, B29, which was a bus gate. Made for a fun ride passing underneath all the big aircraft (that’s how LGAV is set up). After that, I boarded the plane, SX-DGT, an A321.

We taxied out, there wasn’t a long line for takeoff one we blasted off out of 03R!

Here’s a Wizz Air A320 heading to Budapest and an Olympic Air Dash-8 heading to Istanbul.

V1, Rotaté, and off! Lots of Olympic Air Dash-8s are visible on the ground.

Last view of the sea east of Athens, before the cold icy grips of Switzerland approach.

The service on the plane was excellent and the main thing for me that sets Aegean apart is that they serve a warm meal on every international flight, usually Greek specialties and such, as well as a small snack. They didn’t disappoint.

During the flight, I read through a the “Blue” magazine, reading up on a few of their destinations, and surfed on their “Aegean Stream” service. It’s not actual working wifi, but there is a free in-flight entertainment wifi network where you can play games, actually chat to other passengers using the stream (I’m not sure on this as I didn’t use it), and other such stuff. I had a left window seat, and also enjoyed an excellent view of the Italian peninsula as we passed by.

The legroom, was alright, nothing really to complain about, but I can see it becoming annoying on a longer flight such as the 4-hour flight to London Heathrow or Dublin.

We descended into Zurich, making good time and landing on Runway 14, as they so often do during the day. I got out and managed to get a shot of the Swiss Star Alliance livery while exiting.

After that, I headed straight out (it was an intra-Schengen flight and I didn’t have any luggage) and took the train home, and that pretty much wrapped up my flight back with Aegean! Summarized: it’s understandable that they were voted the best regional airline in Europe and also the 5th best in the world (though the latter wasn’t Skytrax). They offered excellent service, the flight attendants were very friendly, and the food was also good, better than what I’ve had on legacy carriers (if they even served any). However, regarding in-flight wifi, there’s no denying European carriers, from what I’ve heard, are miles behind the American ones, and Aegean is no exception - apart from the entertainment system there wasn’t any actual wifi. Additionally, it did feel somewhat cramped and there wasn’t too much legroom. However, assuming the prices agree, which they probably will, I’d book this over Swiss any day and will probably do so when I visit again in Christmas.

This is my first time doing something like this so let me know what you think :)

Yes, this topic isn’t over 10 pictures ;)


Great report! Athens is one of my favorite European airports, pretty cool to be there. Have you ever flown Olympic Airways?


Do you mean the old defunct one, or the new one owned by Aegean? At any rate, yep, I’ve been on both.


Great review!

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Great report!

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i really did like your views and i hope you enjoyed your flight

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I did indeed, thank you :)

Heheh, I had a funny experience with chatting to other passengers through the onboard screens, I chose a random seat and we started chatting. They seemed quite nice.

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