Aegean Airlines Flight A3 165 Over The Mediterranean

Route: Larnaca (LCLK) Cyprus - Cairo (HECA) Egypt

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200CEO (sharklet variant)

Engine: IAE2500

Livery: Aegean Airlines

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 01:01

Cruising Altitude: 32000 (FL320)

Cruising Speed: 0.79 Mach

Flying from Cyprus island (my home) to explore the wonderful mysteries of Egypt…

Pushback and taxi to runway 22

Lining up on runway 22

Vr (Rotation) from tower view

V2 from engine view

Positive rate of climb, gear up

A view of the northern Mediterranean coastline of Egypt, flying over the river Nile

Approaching runway 05R at Cairo Intl


Exiting runway

Beautiful scenery ahead while holding short of runway 05L (waiting for clearance to cross)


Noicee pictures bud 😍😍😍! Really liked them :)

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@Sharan.Somayaji Thanks a lot buddy. I would love to see some of your pictures sometime 😍😍

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Anytime buddy 😉! Aww thanks😊

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Really cool flight. However, I‘m not quite sure if this is really an A32N. Also Aegean has paint all their neos with the new livery :)

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@Georgios_P Thanks mate. Isn’t the A320 with the sharklets called Neo ? Let me know if I am being mistaken. But for sure it is an A320 with sharklets and IAE engines

This is the A320-232 of Aegean:

This is the A320ceo of Aegean:

This is the A320neo of Aegean:

The A320ceo is the one with sharklets at Aegean. The A320neo is the one with the black mask around the cockpit and the bigger new engines :)

ceo = current engine optic
neo = new engine optic

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Sharklets are an option for the A320-200 :) The version in IF is a 200 variant and not a neo

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@Georgios_P @ItsBlitz Got it. Thanks 👍


@Georgios_P if you check out my post again, you’ll see that I have edited the info about the aircraft and engines :) thanks again mate

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