Aegean Airlines - Big Airbus Order

Aegean’s Neo Era - A20N & A21N

Aegean Airlines is the largest airline in Greece. With the growing tourism every year, the airline plans to connect more and more people to Greece and has therefore placed a large order with Airbus. The current fleet includes the complete Airbus 320 family and additionally the aircraft of the subsidiary OlympicAir. As Aegean still flies within Europe, further aircraft of the Airbus 320 family will be added. A total of 42 brand-new A320neo and A321neo aircraft have been ordered and are already being delivered. Since Aegean’s first flight 19 years ago, this is the airline’s largest and third major investment to date, amounting to over 5 billion USD. It’s also the biggest private investment in the Greek history.


At this point in time, 5 of the ordered aircraft have already been handed over to the airline and put into operation: SX-NEO, SX-NEA, SX-NEB, SX-NEC and SX-NED. The rest of the A320neo will be named alphabetically SX-NE#. With the new aircraft comes a new livery that will be used exclusively for the new fleet which was already mentioned in one topic before. The old livery will not be used on any of the new aircraft anymore. The very first aircraft was given the “SX-NEO” mark, as this represents the new era of Aegean Airlines. His first flight was in December 2019. Aegean himself describes the era of the new aircraft as “Neo Era”. Here are the scheduled routes:

Aegean A20N routes

All of those flights are departing from Aegean’s HUB - Athens (LGAV)

  • Barcelona: 1x weekly as of April 3rd and incrementally building to 12x weekly by June 3rd
  • Brussels: 2x daily as of June 1st
  • Frankfurt: 2x daily as of March 29th
  • Madrid: 1x weekly as of May 3rd and increasing to 4x weekly from June 2nd
  • Marseille: 1x weekly from May 2nd
  • Moscow Domodedovo: 4x weekly from March 29th and increasing to 5x on June 20th. Between July 3rd and September 3rd, this will increase again to 6x weekly
  • Munich: 2x daily from March 29th
  • Nice: 3x weekly from May 31st. This reduces to 2x weekly from June 10th
  • Tel Aviv: 1x daily as of May 3rd
  • Valencia: 2x weekly from May 24th
  • Venice: 4x weekly from May 3rd
  • Zurich: 1x daily from May 1st
  • Dublin: 3x weekly from October 26th
  • Edinburgh: 2x weekly from October 25th
  • Lisbon: 3x weekly from October 25th
  • Manchester: 2x weekly from October 27th


Not only the exterior, but also the cabin was improved and embellished. So now everyone has a USB port and an adjustable pillow more available. I personally sat on one of these seats and I find them very comfortable.


A short time ago the first A321neo (SX-NAA) was delivered from Hamburg. At the moment it is still parked at Athens airport (LGAV) and is scheduled to be in service in spring 2021. Like the A321 before it, it will fly the most frequent routes such as Frankfurt, Paris, Thessaloniki and espiaclly London Heathrow. Here is a photo of the 01.10.2020 when the finished A321neo landed in Athens.


Here is a photo of the first flights of the A320neo and A321neo for Aegean.



My personal wish is that the two aircraft, or at least the A320neo, will be added to Infinite Flight. They are two beautiful aircraft that you always love to see in the sky. I myself had the honor to be on board the Munich - Athens flight and let me tell you one thing: it is probably the quietest short haul aircraft in the world.
I hope you enjoyed the short contribution and you were able to take something with you. What are your thoughts about Aegean’s project? Let me know!
Have a nice rest of the week and take care of yourself!

Sources: Aegean Website , Google Photos and more A320neo pictures.


Good development for Greek aviation and Aegean. We can only hope that the current situation will improve in the upcoming years, so all of the fleet can be flying.
Nice to see about Sky Express’s recent order too


Yes! I already read it a few day ago as well. Unfortunately their neo‘s will have no black mask. Let’s hope the aviation industry will be back up soon.


I doubt it’s this big. Any amount of money this big would instantaneously break any economy.


Thank you for reading! I made a error while translating it and it’s now correct. It’s 5 billion USD

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Can’t seem to imagine a neo plane without the raccoon mask. Interested to see how it looks though. I always thought it looked very aesthetically pleasing.

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You can actually see the pictures provided by Airbus. There is no black mask unfortunately.

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