Aegean Airlines Airbus A321


Aegean A320 mission accomplished
Next one: Aegean A321


Is it already in the game? Can’t find it

It comes out In the next update

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The A320 comes out in the next update, not the A321.
@Georgios_P If you want to see the Aegean A321 too, please vote for it here

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I know that. He was asking about the A320

Oh ok misunderstood

Since it’s confirmed on the A320, do you want to see Aegean on the A321?

  • Yes
  • No

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The A321 Aegean will be a great addition, because we can fly Athens to Paris De Gaulle with this livery.


Confirmed on a320? How do you know?

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Here @DimitriB


Finally 😁 Just made my day

@Moonlit it was worth the wait!


Would love this stunning livery to be added to the 321! Would really help expand Greek aviation within IF, even though we already have the livery on the 320. An essential part of Aegean’s real world fleet!


Let’s get this thread back to the top! Since the A320 is already added it’s not that hard to add the A321. Let me delete my vote somewhere and add it to this beauty. We really need the Aegean A321.


I was so sure to see @Georgios_P here haha.
And this would be a great addition to develop greek part of IF ;)


Even tho Aegean Airlines just received their first A321 Neo which followed after plenty of A32N, we would still love to see the old Aegean A321 livery as long as the A320 and A321 Neo aren’t added.


Fingers crossed 🤞 20.2 🇬🇷

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Unfortunately this kind of aircraft with this livery will not be in InfiniteFlight.
Aegean Airlines operates the new livery with the new A320neo family aircraft only. On this picture you can see the normal A321.

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Will they not paint the rest of their aircraft in the new livery ❔

No, they will only paint the A32N‘s and A21N‘s with the new livery

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