Aegean Airlines A320


54 votes on a livery-request is a great achievement! We should continue suporting the livery and hopefully we will see another livery-update soon with this one included!


Vote number 55 comes from me, this airline definitely deserves a place in this sim amongst some other european charters which are in a long time overdue imo.


55 Votes on a Feature topic 🤩

Really can’t wait to see this in game at some point to fly on many of their 160+ routes…

Edit: 56 now! Heading for the 60s ;)


very nice!


Very unlikely, but still hoping for a little surprise in the next update


Aren’t we all?


I hope it will be added soon!! The A330 has almost 1100 votes and we only have 57 so we have to wait muuuch more.


We have been hoping for this «surprise» for a long time now:)


At this point it’ll probably be a miracle, not a surprise.


Just another thing I wanted to drop in here. It would also be great PR for Infinite Flight to have the 5th best airline in the world (!) in the game, completing the top 20. Just look at some of the names it’s better than, say: Lufthansa, Turkish, Swiss, KLM. They have huge fleets in IF - Aegean not a single one. But hey, we also have DutchBird in the game, who irl operates 2 A320s while Aegean operates 60+ in summer peaks. It’s just a bit weird. Nothing against the devs here, they obviously aren’t obliged to do anything. Just trying to offer perspective.

The 737 update does seem to be strictly 737 & A10 and nothing including the A320 will happen, so I don’t have any hope for this whatsoever.

But hey, who knows what will happen, Aegean used to operate 737s 😂

Feel free for some input below, I’d be interested to see what you guys think :)

Hasn’t happened yet of course, but I do wonder when it will start affecting my sub…


+1vote… One of the best Airlines. Aegean. Hope to see it in the virtual skies of IF soon.


Yes!!! We are all now in the 60’s Clubs with 60 votes!


If they added the 737 Aegean livery, it would be FDS trolling us bad lol.


Oh god 😂

Would be better than nothing i guess…


Fingers crossed!


Unfortunately as it’s B737-300s and 400s it doesn’t look likely 😬


I know, just kidding. It wouldnt look too bad on the -800


Love this livery! Would love to see this in game


We probably wont get this in the next update, but i hope we get to see this one in 2019!


This topic is being voted on. It would really be great to have a Greek airline in the IF; I hope this livery will be added in the near future.